Many George Floyds Have Been Killed Even In Nigeria

Call it Racism, Wickedness, Hatred, Jungle Justice or anything else; but one thing that is sacred is Life. Because it is the only One entity which God has the monopoly of creating and giving. It is a simple primordial command that you don’t take away what you cannot replace. Yet that’s what seems to be the case as the world has lowered its sense of outrage.

And He(God) instructed us not to take another’s life, which was why Cain was punished by God according to Genesis 4:1-19.

There are many other people who suffered in the scripture because they took other people’s lives. So even if one gets away with such contravention here on earth, they may not get away with it where it all matters. Because as late Justice Aniagolu reminded us, no matter how long any one of us might live, we shall all be dead way longer than we shall ever live .
Wow! Very profound and something to really ponder on.

Other people that have the power to take lives of convicted individuals such the Government, just as Pilate and other kings(Leaders) in the Bible also condemned Jesus (though not a criminal), is a different kind of standard and understanding. Even at that, we must still be very circumspect to ensure that miscarriage of justice does not happen. Is that not why Pontus Pilate’s dutifully warned him, not to have hands in that man’s (Jesus) persecution. Yet, the world still held him accountable and why? Because in his position as the king he had certain leverage and influence, but he chose not to use to save an Innocent man. So you too that saw or knew and refused to speak out or prevent such injustice must be held accountable. Because justice will not be served until those who are not affected are as outraged as those who were. We are all connected by the thread of our shared humanity.

So everyone has the right to live even the unborn ones. The killing of Goerge Floyd a black American by the police just because they were called to come and arrest him by a super market attendant that he attempted used fake currency to make payment of items(food) he bought which after he was murdered that allegation turned out to be false. But the irreversible damage has been done. They’ve taken what they can’t replace . If America in their might can replace George Floyd they would’ve opted to do that. So that they can rest easy once again. But they can’t and that’s the point here.

Instead of arresting, interrogating and put him on trial and if found culpable send him to prison or give other sanctions, they killed him in a barberic manner that depict the hatred on particular race just because they are Blacks.

Nobody made the choice of race. Blacks didn’t make themselves Black, the same Creator that made black made white people, and there is no white without Blacks in the sequence or genealogy of things.
Anyways a story for another day.

My concern here is the protest that followed the death of this Gentleman Floyd by people all over the world and even my dear country Nigeria.

There were protests in Abuja, Lagos and some other states of the federation to condemn the barberic way he was killed.

But incase these people protesting during the lockdown has forgotten that there are many Floyds killed in most barberic way in Nigeria also by security agents that have equally been psychologically programmed to keep eye on certain regions and certain ethnic groups

Police have killed many Nigerians’, pregnant mothers, Youths, Teenagers and Children. They have rendered many children fatherless, motherless, brotherless, sisterless(in my terms) and many more as such.

The number of killings made by the police earlier lockdown has since outnumbered the death by the Covid-19 victims, just talking of the victims of their brutality.

Yet in all these no single protest, not even on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Our people who should’ve saved their tears for the evil they exist under are shedding it for the distance injustice which is ok. But they should save some for their own injustice.

Because people are being killed almost on daily basis by security agents, innocent people that are going about their lawful businesses and no one has been arrested and most of the few arrested are busy going their business freely, few that we were told was arrested we have not heard that any of them has been prosecuted or convicted!

Now the Big Question is: why are we not pretesting about these lives wasted and cut short??

Oh yeah!! because they are not in America or not American citizens or blacks. Let’s learn to do the first thing First! Charity they say begins at home. You cannot put more premium in another life than yours.

If we stage a serious protest like the one staged for Floyd for each Nigerian killed brutally don’t you think there will be a change of attitude by the security agents and government of the day??

As we pretest for George Floyd may we remember there are many Nigerian Floyds killed here and their Spirit still cries out for justice. The Apo 6 and the innocent victims of python dance on my mind.

To be continued….

De Prince
13th June 2020

(Proof read for me)

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