Half Of The Story Has Never Been Told About…

By: Chris O Maduka

This is just a snippet of the accomplishment s of this proud son of Igboland. Died at the age 42 yet recorded monumental achievements. He was one of the 8 argonauts that left Nigeria and sailed West to the New world to further their education.

They were inspired by the Great Zik who had already completed his education in the United states.

The 8 argonauts were; Late Mazi Mbonu Ojike, George Mbadiwe, Kingsley Ozuomba Mbadiwe, Okongwu, Ikejiani, I forgot the names of the other two. Dr. Nwafor Orizu joined them in 1939 with great assistance from the Late J. Green Mbadiwe a millionaire Minner and Business Mogul from the same Arondizuogu that some Efulefu speak about with utter disrespect and condescending attitude. Story for another day.

But the truth of the matter is that without ARONDIZUOGU and the likes of late Mazi Mbonu Ojike who later became a columist with his weekly Catechism in the West African pilot newspaper established by the Late Rt. Hon Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the journey towards the liberation of Nigeria from the shackles of colonialism would’ve been far much more challenging and would’ve taken far much longer to achieve.

Yet again, it was the philanthropic financial commitment of Late Chief J. Green Mbadiwe (OSU’OHIA OF ARONDIZUOGU) towards the establishment of the West African pilot Newspaper project that fast tracked the quest for independent of Nigeria.

How many people have heard of these men? But they will inundate us with the News of Pericoma, A great Icon by his own rights, but by far was not the beginning nor the end of Arondizuogu and Igbo greatness.

Am happy that the name of Mazi Mbonu Ojike came up here as we hardly celebrate our heroes past. We only use a fine tooth comb to dig and amplify any infractions. At times what we are basing these assertions on are opinions of misguided rivals or haters.

The image we are looking at the above was the visit to the then first lady of the United States Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943. It was the
late Mazi Mbonu Ojike and Late Mazi K.O. Mbadiwe at the age of 25 yrs old. How many of the armchair critics can pull this off today?

So let’s be very circumspect on how we condemn or malign the characters of some of these men and women that did far much more for us than any one of the modern day cut throat politicians and leaders some of us have reduced ourselves to their town criers all in the name of partisan party loyalty.

Even if there were certain mistakes, the question that must he asked today is: WAS THAT MISTAKE AN IDEOLOGICAL BENIGN MISTAKE, or was it deliberate malicious mistake and to what end? Was it deliberate to undermine the Igbos, or was it an attempt to bake a bigger pie in which the Igbos will still have a clear advantage based on their doggedness and hard work.

This narrative of elevating Tribalist Awo and Sarduana over the vision of Zik is simply nauseating and even an exposure of certain level of ignorance.
To truly make a fair judgement on this matter, we need to dig deeper into what shaped the vision and ideology of those key political players from the Northern Region with the late Ahmadu Bello, Western Region with the Late Obafemi Awolowo and in the Eastern Region with the Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. Zik was clearly influenced with the American idiosyncrasy and unique world view. Both Awo and Sarduana lacked such exposure.

Now these men are held as Nationalist if am not mistaking🤷🏾‍♂But the truth is that both the Sarduana and Awo lacked the exposure and hence the vision the late Great Zik had for Nigeria. They were both core tribalist and made no apologies for that. On the other hand, Zik along with most of his other contemporaries and colleagues that were exposed to the great American experience had a vision of Great, United and strong Nigeria under God. What’s wrong with this vision? What if it had succeeded 🤷🏾‍♂.

Ok, I see why we blame Zik in retrospect. We blame him because Nigeria is a failed project. So the Revisionists mostly from the same SouthWest are bending and twisting history to portray core tribalists with their shared loathe and resentment of the Igbos as Heroes. No they are not. Not from the facts as they truly are. They were core tribalists with narrow vision of Nigeria.

How can they be when there’s a complete contradictions in actions when the opportunity presented itself for their wishes for regional Government based on tribal affinity to emerge, yet the same North and the people of the SouthWest led or misled by the same Awo opposed it following the pogrom and crises that followed the 1966 coup and counter coup. What happened to Araba!

It is all there in the Aburi agreement that was truncated by those who want to blame Zik for being a Narionalist when it truly made sense.

Even after the end of the war. Why was the Igbos still dragged back into the same entity that they earlier rejected.

The reason are simple; Both the Sarduana of Sokoto, and Awo’s earlier initial activism and preference for regionalism wasn’t borne out of such visionary disposition, but seem more like driven by their deep fear of Igbo dominance in the greater one Nigeria as advocated by the late Zik.

The second reason was the Oil factor. The full disclosure of oil deposits in the old Eastern Nigeria led to the war Mantra of: “TO KEEP NIGERIA ONE IS A TASK THAT MUST BE DONE”, under which they all fought including ironically the same Awo that many are citing as a Visionary leader, instead of a tricky and selfish leader he was.

They embarked on a genocidal civil war that took more than three million lives of the people of old Eastern Nigeria to keep Nigeria one?

They saw it then that all things being equal, they cannot compete effectively with the Igbos. So they sought for the arrangement that will mitigate this so called Igbo dominance from being a reality. This purported Igbo dominance if we may clarify this, does not imply the Igbos displacing anyone or taken over what they did not duly earn No! It is simply driven by fear and envy. It is driven by the clear inability to compete effectively as we have seen today where a child from Anambra requires the score of 139 to get into the Unity school, but a child from Yobe state requires to score 2 to get into the same school. Yet later in the years the child with the 2 single digit score will boss over the one with 139 score. Where in the world does such society so predisposed succeed?

Perhaps one day when sanity returns and the posterity wish to interrogate and probe deeper into why and how Nigeria was destroyed, they must probe further into this misguided fear of Igbo dominance that still rears its ugly heads till this day.

If anyone is in doubt of this, let them check the actions and inactions of the same Awo and the followers of the late Sarduana when they had the sufficient belief that the Igbos have been diminished and displaced. They started singing the mantra one Nigeria indivisible. They started branding the Igbos as unpatriotic because the project started by their forebears it turned out was a project doomed to fail with the British colonialist at the shadows as the shadow government.

The Igbos have always led, but no one follows. They see in the morning what others will later see in the evening. Even as we speak, history is repeating itself. The Igbos saw the 2020 Nigeria with their 20/20 vision years ago. But they were vilified and castigated.

Even when they attempted to take measures to protect themselves against the manifested threats from the herdsmen and certain dubious security operatives, they were confronted with the federal might. But then no sooner did the Amotèkun came on board to do exactly what the Igbos set out to do years before.

Half of the Story has never been told!

To be continued…

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