Hushpuppi The Most Wicked Criminal On Earth Begs For Pity

By: Enwerem Chukwuka

I just watched the video of internet scammer, Hushpuppi’s arrest by the Dubai Police in the famed Operation Fox Hunt 2 and I am very annoyed.

The bastard after bringing continental disgrace to us, giving us bad names, flaunting ill gotten wealth proudly, stepping on people’s face with impunity and throwing over 1 million people into untold hardship and sadness, have the guts to look pitiful in the video.

I get easily annoyed whenever I see a mindless criminal acting remorseful. Why would you do that?

You didn’t steal to fill your belly or anything like that, rather, you live with the clear intention of hurting others again and again yet once you’re caught you dare try to appeal to the empathic nature of the world.

Now, a lot of people are already feeling sorry for him despite the magnitude of his crime.

Was that idiot thinking that he could con the world then grow old peacefully and have his grandchildren sitting round him while he tells them tales by moonlight?

I do not want to believe that he’s that senseless. Any human being with half of his brain functioning would know that no matter how far you run, where you hide, you can’t get away if you’re truly wanted.

Even the almighty Escobar was caught. So who sold the illusion to that fat idiotic loudmouthed bastard that he’s got some safe haven in some luxurious hotel in Dubai? Who sold him the bad weed he was smoking?

This guy underated his influence; he has no idea what he has done to the streets of Nigeria, leaving millions of gullible followers scattered everywhere, all who have become potential societal threats.

I watched one movie where the leader of a gang said to his men, “I know we would die. I know we would eventually be caught, but hopefully, it won’t be today or tomorrow.”

Look at the famous Ted Bundy when he was caught. He was busy releasing quotes from all angle, waving to the crowds, smiling at the camera, trying to escape from every prison and owning his shit with pride. No wonder he is liked unlike some idiots that spend their entire life doing crimes only to start acting like a rat that fell inside gutter once they’re caught.

Hushpuppi should start smiling at the police men, waving to us and releasing his usual daily motivational quotes rather than wearing the sorry look of a hungry poor boy who stole a loaf of bread.
Anu ohia!

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