AGC Amakohia And Owerri East District Celebrates Her District Superintendent After 25 years Of Meritorious Service @Amakohia

A citation of Rev. Dr. Esom Okechukwu, the District Superintendent of Owerri East District.

A golden fish has no hiding place is all facts about Rev. Dr. Esom Okechukwu.

Rev. Dr. Esom Okechukwu was called into the ministry in 1982, he went to Assemblies of God Divinity school, Old Umuahia, Abia state Nigeria, where he obtained a Diploma and subsequently a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theology. In his quest for knowledge he proceeded to the university of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, where he bagged bachelors degree, masters degree and Doctor of philosophy in Education.

This astute scholar is an author, he is the author of conflict management in today’s church and Why Many Givers Lack.

Rev. Esom Okechukwu is a revivalists, and a fire brand preacher, he has pastored many churches under Assemblies of God, including Assemblies of God church Amakohia where he served for 25 solid years, he grew the church from scratch, his achievements are there for all to see, infact, it will not be out of place to say that Rev. Dr. Esom Okechukwu is the new face of AGC Amakohia.

According to scholars, the reward for great work is more work, after serving at AGC Amakohia for this number of years, he was elected as the District Superintendent of Owerri East District.

This citation will not be complete without making mention of the wife of this enigma, Rev. Amarachi Esom, of course behind every successful man there is a supportive wife. Rev. Amarachi Esom has stood behind her man in thick and thin of this journey , they have traversed the nook and cranny of Abia and Imo state doing the lord’s work.
They are blessed with godly children.

I hereby congratulate this colossus of a man, whose life is a motivation to Young ministers.

Today, the 3rd of March , 2024, all roads lead to Assemblies of God church Amakohia where this great servant of the Most High will be sendoff to proceed to his new assignment.

Therefore, friends, colleagues, associates and well wishers will gather today at AGC Amakohia to celebrate a man whose life is Grace personified.
Congratulations Rev. Dr and Rev. Mrs Esom Okechukwu.

Pastor Onwuemeodo Uwadiegwu Fortune.

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