Imo Guber: YPP Candidate Faults, Protests Discriminatory JDPC Town Hall Meeting At Assumpta Cathedral



YPP Flag Bearer In The November Election Condemns The Prejudicial And Unjustifiable Discrimination And Exclusive Of Most Candidates From Presenting Their Manifestos

We want to unequivocally express our utmost dissatisfaction with the discriminatory and prejudicial manner in which the supposed Town hall meeting for Imo Governorship candidates was conducted by the Justice, Development, Peace and Caritas Commission (JDPC) of Owerri Catholic Ecclesiastical Province, at Maria Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri.

While we commend the faith-based organization for conceptualizing the idea of the gubernatorial debate which would have given the governorship candidates the opportunity to address Imo people on their plans, mission and vision for them and the State, we condemn in very strong terms its decision to have just 6 out of the 17 political parties fielding governorship candidates to present their Manifestos at the Tow hall meeting.

The embarrassing sinister arrangement that ensured the deliberate exclusion of most governorship candidates from the debate is prejudicial, unjust and unjustifiable. It obviously runs foul of the good governance advocacy which the faith-based organization stands for and grossly undermines its vision towards achieving an Imo society where social justice, equity and human dignity thrives for the common Good.

As a matter of fact, denying the standard-bearer of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), High Chief Dr. Kemdi Chino Opara, who at present and by all standards is the most credible and eminently qualified gubernatorial candidate in Imo state the opportunity to showcase his Imo Liberation roadmap at the Town Hall meeting is a great disservice to Ndi Imo and suggests a failed attempt to weaken the prospect of our candidate in the forthcoming governorship election in the State.

It was on this ground that our governorship candidate, his running mate and some members of the YPP Campaign Council who arrived the venue of the Town Hall meeting in high spirit decided to stage a walkout in protest of the needless discrimination and exclusion of most governorship candidates from the event.

Via a press release signed by Rt. Hon Michael Anyanwu
Deputy Director, Media and Communications and obtained by Gisthub24 continue to read; On a sad note, it is unfortunate that only 20 supporters of the candidates were accredited to enter the hall without the public in attendance. So what manner of a Town Hall meeting is that? Are the manifestos presentation only meant for the party supporters?

It is highly regrettable and saddening to see that a faith-based organization with one of the best platforms to help Ndi Imo make informed decision in the forthcoming election by giving them the opportunity of knowing the strength, weakness and the overall fitness of those seeking to govern the State decided to be nepotic instead of giving equal opportunity to all the governorship candidates.

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