23-Year-Old House-Help Caught While Trying To Escape With Her Madam’s Entire Jewelry Collection.

23-Year-Old House-Help Caught While Trying To Escape With Her Madam’s Entire Jewelry Collection

Happiness had told her madam who just employed her that she wanted to leave and demanded for her one month salary. Madam discussed with Oga and they agreed, though they were pained as their children were already endeared to Happiness. She was said to be childish and possesses this child-like demeanor that made their kids like her. She could also read and write and was seen a few times, teaching their kids.

On the day she was to leave, they didn’t search her bags until she had left the compound, so they called her back.

She wasn’t expecting this. So, she made to go back into her quarters. She was stopped and was asked to bring out her things. Madam found at the bottom of her bag half of her entire jewellery collection including her wedding and engagement rings. This young lady packed everything! Apparently, she could not tell which were pure gold or not.

Not only was the innocent looking Happiness a th!ef, she reportedly was an agent hired by an evil gang, and unleashed on unsuspecting employers. A piece of black cloth tied into a knot containing madam’s hair and a clay-like substance was found in her bag which she confessed was for human sacrifice!

According to her, she met these people around April 2023. They told her they would make her rich. They took her into this room and performed some magic and monies appeared in different currencies. They asked her to take the monies. But each time she tried to touch the money it disappeared. They now told her that they would give her charms and send her on this assignment and her job is to bring them valuables from her employers, and when she does, she would be able to take the monies. They then gave her the juju and told her that any home she enters, she should pick sand from outside of the house and sprinkle on the juju and speak to the juju that the people in the house would suffer some degree of amnesia. They also told her that she must make sure no other person sees the juju otherwise it would lose it powers and she could become m@d.

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