Imo Guber: Sen. Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu’s Value For Education Is Second To None


 “Under Anyanwu’s Watch, Imo Education Sector Shall Come Back Alive And Return To It’s Glory And more”

By Ezekwe, Uche, Owerri Imo State

The Safe, Better and Greater Imo of our dreams that we pray and seek today would only be a reality when we put into actions and show and demonstrate unalloyed support to the incoming Government of the MAKE IMO SAFE AGAIN ably led by His Excellency, Sen Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu and Rt. Jones Onyereri , Ph.D.

There is no gainsaying that all sectors of Imo Economy are all in the state of comatose and should be of a great concern to all well meaning Imo sons and daughters as we have no other state to call ours but Imo and posterity won’t be kind to us if we keep mum and allow things to continue to go the way it’s going in every sector. Just like the high level of insecurity of lives and properties , the Agric Sector, Health Sector, Commerce and Industry, Poor Road Network, Lack of Portable Water, Infrastructure, Education being the discourse of this article, etc.

Under Sen. Uzodinma’s nose, Imo Education Sector is dead and buried and the records are there for us to see for ourselves. The Imo Academic Excellence is now a thing of the past. No man offers what he doesn’t have, especially when it comes to Education, there is no backdoor in Education. The Ben Johnson’s way doesn’t exist in Education, hence, Imo Education Sector must have to come back alive and the key to resurrect Imo Education Sector is in the hands of the man of the People, by. The People and for The People, Imo Incoming Governor, His Excellency, Sen Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu, I call him the Solution Bearer.

It’s pertinent for us as a people to know that the collapse of education in Imo is the collapse of Governance and that is why Imo State has collapsed in every aspect of governance but because we are optimistic that Samdaddy is coming, Imo Education sector shall breathe again.

For our knowledge and information, Education is the bedrock of any well-meaning Nation or State, and should be pursued with all vigour and sense of seriousness towards stimulating growth and development. Its importance to whoever has it is unquantifiable and not having it renders one almost impotent. This assertion is true as education is seen as the total development of an individual. One of the biggest reasons why education is important is that it helps us become better versions of ourselves and by extension the society at large.

A visit to some of the state owned Primary and Secondary Schools in Imo shows that Imo Education Sector is nothing to write home about as majority of these Secondary Schools lack Science Teachers such as Teachers for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and many more. Despite millions budgeted for the Education Sector in Imo, 90% of these Schools have no learning conducive environment, no classroom blocks, no learning equipment and facilities, yet we claim to have a Governor in Imo, no wonder Sen. Anyanwu has maintained that Imo Douglas House Is Vacant and it’s our desire and prayer that he, Anyanwu occupies that vacant seat to salvage our dear Imo State from the shackles of bad governance.

Sen. Anyanwu, as Imo State Governor come 11th November, 2023, shall invest in Education meaningfully because he is determined to give our children A proper education that would set them up to grow personally, professionally, and socially.

Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu will ensure that IMO state returns to her known academic excellence in Tertiary Institutions, Secondary and our Primary Education, respectively.

It may interest you to know that IMO state no longer take the lead in WACE again due to poor academic orientation, bad governance and lack of learning materials and non-conducive environment across board.

Our state of education has gone into the abysmal comatose state, that people now feels so sorry for our state of education sector in Imo.

Under Anyanwu’s watch, IMO education sector shall see the light of the day and her lost academic glory shall be restored and fixed to function optimally.

Under his watch, our Education System shall engage qualified and certified teachers and lecturers with wide experience and exposure in education and what it entails.

Education is the bedrock of any nation that wish to grown and under Anyanwu’s watch, our education sector shall be placed on an enviable height with well polished learning atmosphere with the welfare of the teachers well taken care of as one of his major priorities in the Make Imo Safe Again government.

Anyanwu, as a man who knows the essentialism of Education to man and his society will never turn down the education sector in IMO because, he knows the rudiments of education and it’s role for societal growth and development.

With him, our education sector shall have befitting look in environment, academic performance as he is poised to providing us with an academic enabling conducive learning environment for our better tomorrow and sound educational background.

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