Imo Guber: Imo State Local Government System Shall Function Again And Be Returned To The People

Imo Guber: Imo State Local Government System Shall Function Again And Be Returned To The People

– Our Local Government System Shall Function Optimally Under Sen. Anyanwu’s Watch

By Ezekwe, Uche, Owerri, Imo State

It’s a known fact that in life, people do not abandon their origin or root in the journey of life or political trajectory. It’s an established fact that the incoming Governor of Imo State, the Imo liberator, His Excellency, Sen Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu , is a grassroot politician who has been very close to the people as a two term Council Boss, he was very close to the owners of Local Government being the rural dwellers.

The people under this Democratic dispensation just as Abraham Lincoln said that “Democracy is the Government of the People, by the People and For the People” but the reverse is the case in Imo today, because the Local Government Council system is nothing to write home about as the current and outgoing Governor Uzodinma has pocketed and bastardized the Imo State Local Government system and it’s funds and activities for selfish reasons as he has continued to operate with the one-man show called SOLAD thereby denying thousands of Ndi Imo the opportunity of benefiting from collective treasure at the Local Government level.

There is no gainsaying that the incoming Governor Samuel, would definitely return the local government system to the people by 2024 as the Governor of Imo State.

I know, you know and we know that if the Local Government Council is functioning under Sen Uzodinma’s Administration, a whole lot of families would have been taken out of poverty and I will explain because it’s going to function optimally under the Make Imo Safe Again of Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu led Administration.


Anyanwu as a product of the Local Government, under his watch, Imo local government Council shall function optimally because election shall be conducted democratically and they people shall be allowed to elect for themselves Council Chairman and Councilors.

By the time twenty Seven (27) Local Government Council Chairmen are elected, 27 Vice Chairmen, 27 Council Scribes, 305 Ward Councilors elected, aides appointed under the Chairman’s office, Vice Chairman’s office, Scribes office, Councilors with their own aides, Supervisory Councilors, etc, a lot of families in the rural areas would be taken out of poverty but because of the present government’s greed and hatred on Ndi Imo, these persons whose constitutional rights are denied and all that accrued to them taken by the Uzodinma led Administration all to himself without putting Ndi Imo into consideration looking at the economy of the Nation but by the GRACE OF GOD, IMO MUST BE LIBERATED COME NOVEMBER 11TH, 2023.


Therefore, it’s important that I take us down the memory lane so as to remind us how the Local Government started and it’s reasons and functions all geared for the people to feel the presence of government and good Governance while at the rural areas. The nature and character of local government in Nigeria today (except for few infractions) is largely the product of the 1976 Local Government Reform by the Murtala/Obasanjo regime. The Reform is marked with bringing uniformity to the cacophony and disharmony that once reigned on local government system in Nigeria. In the 1976 Local Government Reform Guidelines, the Federal Government of Nigeria defined local government as “Government at local levels exercised through representative councils established by law to exercise specific powers within defined areas.” The powers which the local representative councils can exercise within their jurisdiction are local affairs “(including staffing) and institutional and financial powers to initiate and to determine and implement projects so as to compliment the activities of the state and federal government in their areas, and ensure through devolution of functions to those councils and through the active participation of the people and their traditional institutions, that local initiative and response to local needs and conditions are maximized” (FGN, 1976).


The 1976 Local Government Reform made local government a tier of government in Nigeria, the third tier after the federal and state governments as the first and second tiers respectively. The Reform in this regard availed what are local governments in Nigeria to have clearly defined boundaries, structure, functions, and financial autonomy.


The major essence of it is taking Government closer to the people. Local government takes government to the backyards of the local population, and this strengthens governance and prevents the near “Governmentlessness” situation at the grassroots due to poor influence of faraway government. Thus, one of the major reasons for the creation of local government in Nigeria is to make comprehensive governance possible. The closeness of government to the grassroots also gives the local population some sense of belonging, and allows them to take their destinies into their hands. Providing a need-sensitive development.

Some of the reasons for the Local Government system are:

1. Bringing the Government Nearer to the People: Local governments are created so that those at the grassroots will be part of the Government and good Governance.

2. Employment: Employment and job opportunities are provided at the local level.

3. Local Participation: It provides opportunities for the local people to participate in the politics of their country.

4. Even Development: Creation of local Government provides the avenue for even development of all parts of the country.

5. Diverse Interests: The interests of the local people differ and the creation of local governments is seen as one way to cater for these interests and more.

Today in Imo, it’s crystal clear that the Local Government system is a thing of the past but Ndi Imo cry no more for Samuel is coming to restore back the lost glorious days of Imo Local Government system where Job opportunities, Rehabilitation of rural roads, Renovation of Primary healthcare centers, classroom blocks, etc shall be seen in our land again.


Hence, Let’s join him today and MAKE IMO SAFE AGAIN.

Together, We Will Make Imo Safe Again.

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