Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh, A Call For Debate Among Imo Guber Candidates For November Election

When God wants to deliver a nation his people he gives them a voice, when He wants to turn away the misfortune of people He sends them a leader.
For three years plus now the people of Imo State has been crying for bad leadership, killing and wasting of innocent bloods of the future leader and the cry has been Who So Go for us?, this question has been on the lips of the Imolites since the inception of this present leadership, but recently Good gave the Imo people the answer by sending to them a Leader and an employer of labour in the person of Hon. Uche Been Odunzeh to come and give them direction and soccur.
Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh is new breed in the Imo politics considering he youthfulness and die heart determination to fix Imo State.
Among all the candidates of different political parties in November governorship election, the most intelligent and acceptable is no other than Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh. He is not corrupt and have defrauded anybody, he has never been in government not to talk of stealing or embezzling government money.

He is Young and fresh, he is the man for the job in Douglas house from 2024, and we must rally him around with a maximum support to free Imo State from pains caused by bad leadership.
And hereby call for an open debate to all the contestants to come and tell Ndi Imo what they have to offer.

He has Bachelor of Arts in Economics. As a true builder of enterprise, Chief Uche Ben Odunzeh is the chairman of EUC Group. A group of companies with specialty in Real Estate, Engineering, Construction and Advertising.

He is a passionate and renowned successful entrepreneur, businessman and leader with over twenty five years of experience in running and starting businesses both in the United States and Nigeria.
Has been an entrepreneur since age 21.

His vision for Imo State houses innovations, infrastructures development, job creation, qualitative education, sports development among other things.
If we are looking for a new Imo State without insecurity, a new Imo State with nightlife fully in place, Imo were artisans should play a key role in her developments, then Hon. Uche Ben Odunze is the right man to restore Imo State.
NNPP is the right place to vote with dignity and capacity. And Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh and his Deputy Hon. Samuel Godstime Chukwubuikem are the team.

Let’s mobilise and vote them come November.

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