CSO Urges Nigerians To Vote Beyond Religion, Ethnicity.

A Civil Society Organisation, Fundación Éxito, has urged Nigerians not to be sentimental as they cast their votes in the 2023 elections.

The Director of the organisation, Dominic Obozuwa, stated this while addressing journalists on Friday.

Obozuwa noted that Nigerians were not focusing on critical issues affecting the country which were way beyond tribe, religion, or political parties.

He urged Nigerians to focus on the right candidate that would make the country globally competitive in terms of economy, health, education, infrastructure and technology.

The director said, “First of all, I think one of the critical things was the fact that the citizens are not focusing on the right issues. It is not about North, South, East or West. Our competition as a nation is not between North and South, nor Muslims and Christians. It is not between political parties.

“It is the fact that we need to be globally competitive as a country. Can Nigeria stand toe to toe with Malaysia, or the United Arab Emirates, in terms of economic development? These are countries that have benefitted from Nigeria from one point to another and by virtue of that benefit, they have skilled their own development.

“But we find out that over the years, the political class has created a narrative that has turned one citizen against (one) another so that they can perpetuate themselves in office. They create several issues such as fuel scarcity, naira crisis. These electoral threats are man-made.

“So, registered voters go to cast their votes, they should remove the thoughts of tribe, political parties, religion but vote because they are Nigerians and I want a better country in four/eight years time.”

Obozuwa urged Nigerians to have a different mindset regarding the election, noting that politicians should not be allowed to deceive them.

He said, “Nigerians should not look at what politicians are saying now. They should look at their antecedents, character, and credibility. They should ask themselves if the candidate that they want to vote for will make Nigeria a globally competitive country in the next eight years.

“We are doing this to enable Nigerians to know that the real issue is that of development and inclusion. Nigerians should have a different mindset as they go to the polls because we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over and expect the same results.”


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