Chukwuma Soludo An Emerging Unrepentant Spoiler – Chris O. Maduka


Chukwuma Soludo a former CBN Governor with deep seated ambition of becoming that President of the federal Republic of Nigeria of Igbo extraction. A spot Peter Obi is now destined to take .

Chukwuma Soludo

So he is now emerging as an unrepentant spoiler and occasionally a hatchet jobber especially in critical Presidential elections such as the 2023 Presidential elections.

He played the same role during President Jonathan and he’s now at it again with Peter Obi.

Bad enough we are dealing with his arrogant dispositions and perchance for careless talks without deeper reflection and now this systematic and deliberate lies and malicious attacks.

Chukwuma Soludo is now playing dumb and ignorance to the fact and reality that the viable and verifiable Investments Gov. PETER OBI handed over to his successor: Gov. Willy Obiano ( A reckless and ineffective leader that happens to be SOLUDO’S POLITICAL ALLY HE’S INDEBTED TO) was mismanaged.

What has the worthlessness got to do with Peter Obi today if they have mismanaged what they were handed over including cash deposits in both foreign and local currencies in verifiable banks in Nigeria.

So we should all now blame CHUKWUMA SOLUDO the former CBN GOVERNOR for what the Naira he left has become today. Virtually worthless today.🤷🏾‍♂️

If he Soludo cannot take the blame and responsibility for the Mismanagement of the Naira and the economy by the subsequent CBN Governors: Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and now Gov. Godwin Emefiele after him, then he’s a HYPOCRITE. A malicious and malevolent mischief maker for attempting to blame Peter Obi for the Mismanagement of the surplus and the high yielding investments he handed to Willlie Obiano and then him.

And let him not think he can get away with all these passing of the buck. Let him perform that magic with his over bloated ego and leave Peter Obi out of it. He may not be left un interrogated as he did during President Jonathan administration when he misused the confidence and trust the Nigeria people had on him to deceive them and lied about the huge phantom so called unremitted funds to Federation account, which turned out not to be exactly the truth.

Did any body hold Soludo to account for such malicious damaging hatchet job he did on behalf of PMB and APC? ..

Little wonder he’s at it again in this presidential political season. But this time Soludo will be the one that must come up for scrutiny as he may have been over rated all these while.

C.O.M ✍🏾

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