Aka Ekpuchi ONWA, Jones Onyereri The Moon That Can Not Be Covered From Shining

Aka Ekpuchi Onwa, Jones Onyereri The Moon That Can Not Be Covered By Hand.

One of the powerful adage in Igboland to describe one destined by God to soar is ” Aka Ekpuchi Onwa” meaning hand 👏 or palms can not cover the moon from shining, before you are called by these noble name, you must have passed so many hurdles of light that people could have stopped you or that has stopped others ahead of you, but you conquered.

Jones Onyereri is Aka Ekpuchi Onwa Ndi Orlu Zone, because a lot has come his way and he conquered by the special grace of God.
Another way to know Aka Ekpuchi Onwa is the general Acceptability of such a figure despite all odds by people, enemies, challengers and even hired job-men.

Jones Onyereri is a man that has a general Acceptability by all and sundries, the old, young, even children. His name is very easy to pronounce and very hard to forget.

Have you seen why he’s loved cherished by many even without knowing or seeing him for the first time in their lives.
His eyes are like that of an eagle 🦅 that catches every glims and sees far off which is a strong tool for his general Acceptability.

His lips is red like roses 🌹🌹 which dares him to women and mothers signifying love, care and softness which is.

Talking about his smile, it naturally cures high blood pressure which is reason women and aged people will always shout MIRI Smile for us, if an ordinary smile is a threat and cure to high blood pressure, why won’t Jones Onyereri wins landslide in the forthcoming election?

His charming but fearless face signifies a man with a lion’s heart, meaning that as he is going to the red chambers next year by God’s grace, he will certainly get and bring home what is rightfully due to Ndi Orlu.

What again should I say about a man ordained by God to go to Abuja to represent us in the red chambers , if not to enjoin evey other contenders to support him, because Rt. Hon. Jones Onyereri is indeed “AKA-EKPUCHU ONWA NDI ORLU ZONE”

Amb. Ukwu Prince

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