Breaking: Obasanjo Successfully Brings Peace To Ethiopia

President Olusegun Obasanjo has successfully negotiated a cessation of hostilities between the Ethiopian government and the Tigrayans.

The former Nigerian President who is currently the African Union High Representative for the Horn of Africa achieved this feat following concerted negotiations he led, which saw the warring groups agree to peaceful resolution of whatever their issues might be.

Speaking from South Africa, President Obasanjo who is seen by many as the Father of modern day Nigeria and one of the most influential statesmen in the world, said that the two sides in the conflict have agreed to a disarmament plan, as well as unhindered access to humanitarian services. The BBC quoted him as saying.

Chief Obasanjo, 85, has undertaken several successful peace missions as a respected UN and African Union envoy.

May God continue to keep him alive and in good health for more good interventions for Africa and the world.

FCC Jones

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