Rev. Ogbodede Of AGC Umudim, Ikeduru Retires From Active Service Amidst Jubilation, Commendations

By Ukwu Prince-Samuel

Rev. Ogbodede of AGC Umudim, Ikeduru Retires Amidst Jubilation, CommendationsThe pastor in-charge
of Assemblies Of God Church, AGC Umudim, Ikeduru, Rev. C. C. Ogbedede has retired from active ministerial service after fulfilling years of answering the call.

Dr. Esom ministering At The Occasion

The celebrant who had church leaders, colleagues, family and friends from far and wide at the Sendoff ceremony on Saturday 22nd October 2022 who came to cheer him and register their goodwill messages was adjudged to be a true servant of God who served creditably without blemishes.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Assistant District Superintendent of Owerri East District, Rev. Okechukwu Esom, PhD congratulated the celebrant for his successful completion of service noting that Rev. C. C. Ogbedede worked accordingly and finished strong without going on any suspension or even causing the church problems.

Rev Esom who dwelt on the topic “Retired But Not Tired!!” with a Text taken from Numbers 8:22-26 stressed that Retirement is a good development that everyone prays for while calling on all and sundry to be well prepared psychologically, socially and financially among other factors to fully embrace it when it comes.

Rev. & Mrs. Ogbedede cutting cake

“I congratulate Rev. C. C. Ogbedede celebrant for the successful bow out of active ministry. He did not give the leaders headache nor committed anything that warrants suspension”

“Retirement is not a bad omen, it’s something that must happen and one have to prepare for it. Where one should prepare are psychological or behavioral preparation, Social aspect where he no longer assumes pulpit to preach, another one is financial preparation ahead of retirement… Making saving, investment where Necessary”

The Owerri East District Assistant District Superintendent added that retirement is not the sign of weakness, end of service to God as well as service in His Vineyard but a time to rest from active roles in church administration yet concentrating in one’s call, stating that “the call of God does not die until one moribund it”

He said, “the anointing of the call makes it fresh even at old age, so retirement from active service does not mean the call has left you, or that you’re no longer useful to the call of God. Don’t retire to the village to take traditional titles, engaging in traditional rites, taking second wife, No. It happens only when the man thought he’s no longer important to the call of God”

Crowd At The Event

“The importance of retirement, where we read, it was recorded that the Levites assumes the duty at age 25 and retire at the age of 50yrs.
They require to be healthy, having sharp eyes to carry out duties effectively”

“In AG we have some programme that keeps their Pastors going until age of retirement and we allow our pastors to retire to have rest. Our Pastors does a lot to see to the progress of the church, eg. Morning prayers, Tuesday bible class, child dedication, preaching exercises etc. For a church to move forward the Pastor must be active and healthy”

Rev Esom advised the celebrant, Rev. C. C. Ogbedede not to distance himself from taking up some roles in the church as the work of God is still ongoing in the churches so as to be awake and keep fit in the spiritual realm while stressing that the devil waits for Ministers at the time of retirement to attack them unawares.

Rev. Dr. O. Esom Praying

“You can do the work of an elder in a church where you attached yourself after retirement, meaning you should be consulted in some serious matters for proper counseling and advice, without been announced a retired minister is an assistant pastor to the church worshiped in terms of Assistance in encouraging people to do things aright”

“A retired minister should not go home to rest, nor be reluctant to search and read the bible, you can still have revelations while enjoying your retirement, many retired ministers have produced books, because they retired but not tired. Build up again your library , don’t play with the fellowship of the brethren, because in doing so you’re enriching your soul spiritually”

“Keep waiting upon the lord for your strength to be renewed. You can still do exploits in your retirement, Moses came onboard at the age of 80 and led the Israelites, but today we have young men in calendar age but already tired and retired, in the realm of the spirit they already above 80years”

“Every minister of God, when you’re young, prayerfully and doing exploits for God, devil tempts you and didn’t succeed, he waiting for you at the retirement period, so don’t think as you retired from active service that Satan has run away. It’s a time of personal retreat”

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