Gunmen Terrorizing The Good People Of Akokwa, Arondizuogu -Okigwe Road Arrested – Video

The gunmen operating and killing!people along Okigwe – Arondizuogu – Akokwa – Highway arrested yesterday.

One of them here is popular known as Kpurukpuru. They operated from UMUNA to Okigwe last Sunday but luck ran out of them yestday!

The people Arondizuogu and Okigwe has been living fear of the unknown caused by this dreaded criminals, who will kidnap, kill and rob people of their valuables, in recent times they have killed some security personnel which includes Police and Army.

The ever busy road from Okigwe to Arondizuogu, Akokwa to Uga, Nnewi and Onitsha in Anambra State had been avoided by motorists because of this hoodlums.

But to God be the Glory that have met their waterloo.

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