Mother Why? – Nwosu Prayer life O.

Mother Why?

Compassionate cries of a fetus
Terminated destiny of the unborn
Deep agony of a wounded life
Oh wickedness of impatient youths.

A rejected blessing of the soul keeper
Pride is chosen over life
Bleeding shell of a cracked egg
Oh tender cries of flushed a soul.

The union of two has become a taboo
Hard pills are taken to destroy
The womb has become a slaughter
Oh mothers with zero emotions.

Dear maker hear this:
I hear bloody ticks of my death clock
Death throes have consumed ticks
Through a bloody flow I slide down.

What an end to a young of life
I was flushed and denied right to live
Flushed away via a sewage of poop
To you, oh soul keeper is vengeance.

My mother turns murderer
Her tender love turns hove
My emotion turns rejection
Her affection turns eviction.

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