I Will Champion Legislation To End SouthEast Marginalization -Charles Ahize

The Labour Party Senatorial candidate for Imo West District, Chief Charles Ahize has decried the marginalization of Nigeria in present day Nigeria and assured that when elected to the Senate in 2023, he will be at the vanguard of proposing and supporting legislative actions that will ensure equity and justice for Ndigbo and all Nigerians.

Speaking when he had an interactive meeting with some young doctors from Imo State who paid him a consultative meeting, he told the young doctors that his major inspiration for seeking to go to the Senate at this time is to do his best to save Nigeria, and according to him; “Saving Nigeria entails taking steps to entrench equity and justice in our governance structures.” He recalled how he financed the Nigerian Constitutional Conference because of the inclusion of rotational presidency in that Constitution.

“In the early 90s when there was a Constitutional Conference, I was approached by key politicians in the country, especially, those from the Southeast about an ongoing Constitutional Conference and I was most inspired to provide huge resources to support the proposal to make rotational presidency a Constitutional provision. I didn’t do this because I had anything personal to benefit, but because I believe in equity and justice. I know that the only thing that would strengthen our nationhood is for every ethnic group to be treated equally. Unfortunately, that proposal was blocked.”

Expressing his regrets over the challenges confronting Nigeria today, he argued that if the right laws had been put in place and if our political leaders had taken responsibility by ensuring that justice and fairness prevail, most of our challenges as a nation would have been avoided.

“I am not going to the Senate to make money or to get new connections. By God’s special grace, I am blessed with riches and contacts enough to last me a lifetime. But, beyond myself and my immediate family, what future would I be bequeathing to the upcoming generation of my Igbo brothers and Nigerians? Are we going to continue being treated like unwanted people in a country we love and have contributed enormously to its survival and sustenance? I won’t be fulfilled if I do not do my best to free the Southeast from political and economic emasculation, which she has been subjected to by successive federal administrations.”

Responding, Dr. Mandela Chuky, the leader of the delegation of doctors thanked the businessman for his forthrightness and sense of duty to youth development and mentorship, which span over thirty years. He praised him for his contributions to the strengthening of Labour Party in the Southeast and across Nigeria.

“The Obidients are proud of you and we are counting on your wide acceptability to deliver the Labour Party 100% across the Southeast.”

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