As Putin Finally Admits Defeat – Onwuasonya FCC Jones

The announcement, earlier today, of a full scale mobilization of the Russian Armed Forces, is the latest in a series of humiliating events that have trailed the ill-advised invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin war hawks.

Putin had expected a less than 72 hours operation to oust Volodymyr Zelensky and install a Moscow leaning apologist as the Ukrainian Head of State, in a war he boastfully and deceitfully tagged a “Special Military Operation”. But after suffering series of unexpected defeats and disgraces by a resilient Ukrainian military, he has thrown in 100 times more than he envisaged into the war and yet, the battlefield is yet to shift to his favour.

In the last six months and counting, Russia has lost more of its generals and members of its Armed Forces than it has in any war since after the World War II, and in a flash of surprising counteroffensive just this month, the Ukrainian military have retaken more territories from the occupying bullies in just five days than Russia was able to gain in more than five months.

Russia had before now explored different desperate measures in order to take an edge in the war, this includes hiring mercenaries from Syria, Iran, North Korea. Recruiting prisoners with offer of good money and unconditional release from prison and other unconventional strategies aimed at shifting the balance of the battlefield to their own favour.

Putin’s failures in Ukraine is also exposing his weaknesses to the long suffering and long subjugated people of Russia, and more politicians and prominent Russians are becoming emboldened to question his competence and even his continous stay in power. Some local politicians have already been bold enough to call for his impeachment. This is ironic, in the sense that part of the unstated reasons for this invasion was to consolidate his grip on power, but it is turning out differently for the putrid Putin.

At the onset of this war, I did write that if Ukraine can manage to hold on for even two weeks, then, I will declare victory for the Ukrainians. Today, the battle is not only lingering beyond what is expected, Ukrainians are actually surprising everyone, and I will be the happiest man if Putin is demystified by this war. Sure, he will.

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