Opposition Jittery Over The One Million Match In Solidarity For Peter Obi In Different States Of The Country.

If PDP and APC are not worried with the millions of matches in different States for Peter Obi then they must have plan a serious rigging mechanism which the Nigerian Youths will counter vehemently.

No amount of agbero, area boys or even security agencies can aide their rigging this time around when the Nigerian Youths are fully out to vote, defend and protect their votes!

When you see the millions of people matching in solidarity for Peter Obi, there you see millions of people ready to vote and protect their vote, and they are the real Structure, even if you think not all of them has PVC to vote yet all them will troop out on the election day to protect those that has PVC to vote.

2023 is a defining moment for Nigerian Youths all over the country.

We will counter their rigging mechanism by any means possible, enough is enough!

A new Nigeria must emerge come 2023.

Hon. Amadichi Chike Divine
Chairman, Diaspora Affairs
Labour Party

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