The Plot And The Game Plan Of The Cabals – Hon. Divine Chike

The cabals in Aso Rock are intentional in their plot and game plan.

The fulani cabals are at it again, they plotted for Atiku to hold PDP ticket, plotted Shettima to be Tinubu’s running mate knowing Tinubu’s health status, hence if Atiku wins fine and good for them, and if Tinubu wins immediately after swearing-in, they will plot to get rid of him and Shettima takes over!

To them it’s all about Fulani agenda, unfortunately for them during the plans and the plots they never factor Peter Obi in their game plan, now they’re re-strategizing to figure out how to go about it.

Don’t be surprise they will pressure Ayu the PDP Chairman to step aside for a Southerner to take over just to woo Wike and his followers to support Atiku.

If only the Yorubas (SouthWest) can see the bigger picture and form strong alliance with the SouthSouth, SouthEast and the NorthCentral and support Peter Obi to dismantle the plot to continue holding the whole Country on hostage. Perhaps only then we can sing a song of a new Nigeria.

We are actually dealing with over ambitious set of people that believes they’re born to rule.


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