Open Letter To His Excellency,Chief Hope Uzodinma, Governor Imo State -By Sam Onwuemeodo

The Supreme Court of Nigeria , in its wisdom, had declared Chief Hope Uzodinma , the governor of lmo state. That was in January 2020. Even when, in the INEC declared results, for the 2019 governorship election in lmo, Emeka lhedioha of the PDP came first. Uche Nwosu of AA , came second. lfeanyi Araraume of APGA , came third. Then, Hope Uzodinma of APC, came fourth.

The Apex Court saw differently and declared Uzodinma first and winner of the election.

The same Supreme Court had also, in another Judgement said that, Uche Nwosu was the authentic Governorship Candidate of the APC and not Uzodinma.

ln other words, the Supreme Court gave . The Supreme Court took. The Apex Court Probated and reprobated . Bekee wu agbara.

All in all, Chief Uzodinma has remained the governor of lmo state. That’s the confirmed story, as we write. He is the Executive governor of lmo state. No skin pain.

Considering all these, one had expected the lmo Governor to be down to earth, right from the outset. Right from the beginning. From inception.

One had envisaged a situation where the governor’s approach would be reconciliatory, persuasive, appealing and convivial. All these were not to be. The reason lmo people have continued to remember how he became governor. The governor, on his own, has continued to remind lmo people how he became governor, through his actions and utterances. And that’s not fine.

Hence, if you ask me to say something on the Governorship of Uzodinma so far , l would hasten to thank the Supreme Court that declared him the governor of lmo state. And l have my reason.

lf Chief Uzodinma had not become governor, he would have continued with his aspiration to govern the state. He would have continued to ” scratch ” the people of the state with his gubernatorial aspiration.

ln 2003 , he ran for the governorship of the state on the ticket of Alliance For Democracy, AD. Chief lkedi Ohakim, the man with clean heart, was his Deputy Governorship Candidate. Chief Uzodinma lost his deposit.

ln 2007, he was also a guber aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. He came fourth in the Party’s Primary. He was always running.

All these while, he was seen as Onwa Oyoko. Onwa lmo. Nobody could vividly say much about his capacity. His ability, etal.

He became lmo governor in January 2020. And between that time and today, lmo people have known him better , with regard to his politics and his capacity.

Imo people have come to know beyond doubt that , he runs short of what it takes to govern lmo. That, position does not inject or infuse ability into its occupant.

He has now become Onwa camphope. Even in the camphope, just Onwa for a fraction of it.

Nobody calls him Onwa Oyoko or Onwa lmo again. That’s where we are today.

Unfortunately, the more one tries to avoid commenting on some of these things, the more the person is encouraged to do so, by the government and its handlers.

Just between Sunday, July 17 and Friday July 22, lmo had had the ugly tale of the massacre of the Otulu youngmen at Awomama. Had the issue of the multi million naira wrist watch . Had the issue of the N205.92billion debt. Had the issue of the sporadic shooting at Douglas road. Had the issue of sealing the property of OZB Communications. Just in six days.

l do not want to go the whole hog. The Awomama incident could not even make them to soft pedal on other actions, that could further
heighten the anxiety of lmo people and onlookers.

None of these issues has been convincingly defended or astutely explained or properly handled by the government .

All the trending proofs on the Awomama incident , have made mince meat of the Government’s defence or story. The government boxed itself into a very tight corner and in a hurry .

On the issue of wrist watch, they could not take the best or the most advisable action , which was, to maintain silence or to be silent. The wrist watch was seen on the governor’s hand. He was posing with it.

They could not know that, the governor had no reason to put on multi million naira wristwatch.

I could not have imagined Sam. Mbakwe or Evan Enwerem or Achike Udenwa or lkedi Ohakim or Rochas Okorocha or Emeka lhedioha wearing a wrist watch of that price. For what ? To prove what? .

On the N205. 92billion debt , they only tried to justify it. When their explanation could not add up, the ex-pool betting and pool forecasting agents they assembled as ” media “, handlers, began to insult everybody. That’s their style. Perm 6 from 7. Arsenal playing Barca away . You do not give what you do not have.

Then, the Douglas shooting. The governor distorted or destroyed all he met on ground at the site of Ekeukwu market, to impress whoever. Today, he has totally lost Douglas Road to street trading.

The same Egbeada market he is asking them to move to, was the same market Okorocha built and had succeeded in moving the traders to the market and other markets he built. Gov. Uzodinma came and to further get at Okorocha, destroyed whatever he met on ground.

Today, Owerri indigenes are in Court with the government, over the structures at the site of the Ekeukwu market. And nothing can be done again.

On OZB’s property. For the first time since 1979 when Mbakwe became governor and built CONCORDE HOTEL, that lmo people are hearing what the lmo government is claiming today .

The original owner of the land in question acquired it in 1979. All the Governments that had governed or administered lmo, both military and civilian, none could see what Uzodinma’s Government claims it has seen today. Something strange is going on in lmo , with all these “recoveries”. One day, the truth will unveil itself.

Governor Uzodinma should have quiet time and x-ray his government , from January 2020 to July 2022 for now and tell himself the home truth. His handlers do not know what to say again in defence of his government.

Hon. Mbadiwe Emelumba, his Commissioner for lnformation , suddenly became a stammerer on Channel Television, the other day. He could not afford to say again that one plus one is two, because the man who engaged him had done his homework before the encounter.

Under governor Uzodinma, one could hardly remember the full name of the deputy governor of lmo or easily remember the full name of any appointee.

Reason being that, there’re no activities in the state involving them, day in, day out. And the information is that , no appointee sees him.

You do not attribute the woes of the government to opposition. The worst opposition to the government in lmo today is governor Uzodinma himself and his government. Let him do a holistic analysis of his government and he would see the extent he has eaten deep into the fabric of his government. Perhaps, unknown to him.

He does not also consider the fate of those contesting the 2023 elections on the platform of APC, especially in lmo.

He had promised that the twenty two APC governors would deliver twenty two states to APC. One week after that claim, APC lost Osun State. His 22 States’ theory, has already been punctured when it is still morning. 5am or 6am.

lf he is interested in seeing APC candidates especially in lmo and South East win elections , he would have changed his style. He seems not to care .And the candidates should have known by now.

Seeing the body language of the leadership of INEC , one would know that , Prof. Yakubu Mahmoud is desirous of leaving a legacy. Carving out an imperishable niche for himself by conducting free and fair elections in 2023. lt’s written all over the guy’s body.

I have also begun to look at all that have been happening in lmo under Gov. Uzodinma, from the spiritual dimension.

You do not destroy or discard anything built or done in honour of GOD, for any reason. You don’t tamper or destroy any structure erected or put up for God . Put up to honour God. He is a jealous God.

The altar Abraham built at Bethel, is still there today ( Genesis 12: 8). Even the one Jacob built after an encounter with GOD, is still there . The new name he gave to the place , PENIEL remains , which means, ” For l have seen God face to face and my life is preserved “.

There , his name was changed from Jacob to lsreal. ( Genesis 32: 30).

What’s the memory verse here ?. Be careful with anything built for GOD or dedicated to God, even if your worst enemy had/has built or erected such structure or statute for GOD .

Okorocha built the Government House Roundabout. On top of the Roundabout , was a priest holding and lifting up a very Big Holy Bible. Governor Uzodinma came and destroyed the Roundabout with the statue of a priest holding the Holy Bible. lf l were to be Governor and seeing that, l would have left the Roundabout. l fear God because l know what he is capable of doing.

Okorocha introduced the mid-day prayers in all the state Government offices, including the Government House. lmo people subscribed heavily into that prayer session at 12, from Monday to Friday.

lnside the Government House , once it was 12, every government activity was halted for God to be worshipped. The reason CHAPELS were also built at the local government headquarters. Governor Uzodinma came and stopped all that.

Mega Church activities do not hold at the lmo lnternational Conference Centre, IICC, again , since Governor Uzodinma came on board. The IICC, mysteriously collapsed under Gov. Uzodinma.

l am not saying that all these were the reasons for the ugly incidents that have been the lots of the State under the current government in lmo.

The point remains that, if l were governor Uzodinma, l would have sustained all that were done or built in honour of GOD, especially when you know the imports of sacrifice of Praise or Worship or Prayers to God .

Whatever structure erected in honour of GOD, has become an altar of GOD and you don’t tamper with it or destroy it, for any reason.

l am only trying to open a new line of thought on the lmo situation.
If you doubt me , go and read what happened when the enemy took away the ARK of GOD. To them, it was an ordinary wood. But that’s not true. It had God’s power , having been called ARK of GOD.

All the kings who destroyed the temples or altars of God, got it rough. But those who built for GOD, like Josiah, Hezekiah, etal had God on their sides and had peaceful reigns.

Under your governorship, armed security personnel invaded the Church of Jesus Christ at Eziama Obaire , on a Sunday, when the Service was on, shot sporadically and disrupted worship and praises to GOD ALMIGHTY. That’s unimaginable. An absurdity. Sacrilege . That requires atonement.

The cries or lamentations or alarm that day by worshippers , must have gotten to GOD and we are here talking about the opposition. People must know that we didn’t create ourselves. Someone is incharge. Someone who has the whole wide world in his Palm or hand. Do you understand?

An incident nobody had imagined or seen in lmo, since its creation in 1976. l do not understand.

Who knows whether GOD is the opposition or among the opposition the government has been talking about. l am strongly having the feeling. Nobody takes God or things of God for granted , without paying dearly for it . l know what l am talking about. You do not take God for granted for any reason. Do you get the point now ?

Again, Governor Uzodinma should stop counting his ” able bodied men “. His “strength” seems to have failed him. Let him try his “weakness” and see whether that would help or not.

Owu-uka, burukwa or wurukwa ilulu. Ask your neighbour.

Some elements who provoked or attracted attacks against lhedioha, through their avoidable and indiscriminate attacks on people, are with Uzodinma today , with the same approach or style. And with that , attracting attacks or uncomplimentary comments also against him and his government.

MENE , MENE, TEKEL, URPHARSIN. The handwriting on the wall .

Let him that has ears , hear what the spirit of God is telling the Church of Jesus Christ.

While we continue to clap for Jesus.

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