Emeka Ihedioha And Hope Uzodinma’s Media “Millitia”.

I am only using Emeka lhedioha to climb. Using him as a case study, to arrive safely. As a spring board.

He had spoken in foreign land. He said that, Uzodinma and his CampHope government had borrowed N205. 92billion in less than three years. He added a proviso . That, the Imo Governor has mortgaged the future of the State and her people, with the high debt profile.

Uzodinma’s media ” militia ” , descended on him.

They accused him of lying. They accused him of blackmail. And all that.

ln all they wrote about lhedioha, they never made effort to know the truth or otherwise of what lhedioha said or claimed . They only concluded, on their own, that, lhedioha lied. The way of the ” militia”.

Ihedioha didn’t invent or create the figure he quoted. His own ” property” or portion was the claim that the Imo Governor has mortgaged the State. And he was right.

The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, had in a statement, claimed that, eight ( 8) oil producing states, excluding Lagos State , had shared N144. 31 billion, thirteen (13) percent derivation , for the first quarter of 2022, with Imo State getting N3. 42billion, as her own share, for the period.

ln analysing the billions involved in the 13 % derivation fund , and what each of the concerned states got, Head of Research, SBM, of Debt Management Office , DMO, Mr. lkemesit Effiong said , inspite of this derivation fund, these benefiting states battle with high debts.

He mentioned Imo State as second , on the debt table with N205. 92billion , after Rivers. lt was not Ihedioha’s figure or imagination.

Uzodinma’s media ” militia ” only ended up making noise and insulting Ihedioha. They could not scratch the issues thereto, because they hadn’t the facts and were not keen in getting the facts.

So, if the figure was not true, they should have taken it up with the Debt Management Office, DMO, and not Ihedioha.


The same Gov. Uzodinma’s media ” militia ” had also taken the statistics of those who had reacted to the killing and those who had not reacted.

They had also dropped their ” protest letter ” on the doors of Ihedioha and Gerald Irona.

The governor of Imo state had, right from the outset, politicised the Security situation in lmo. So much so, that, most leaders in the state have decided to keep mute over the security challenges in the state. And nobody should blame any of such leaders.

The speed with which the governor and his media ” militia ” jumb into security issues, most times, constitutes barrier to views or opinions or actions that could help.

For instance, the Awomama killing.

The governor said that, he had discussed with the Director of State Services and he confirmed to him that his men carried out the operation at a camp.

Like the Police, the DSS has an official spokesman. If the DSS had carried out an operation, it didn’t require the governor speaking for them the way and manner he did .

The governor would have spoken like the Chief Security Officer of the State, by saying that, his government had been briefed on what happened and the relevant outfits would address the media on what happened. And appealed for calm, especially on the side of the Otulu Community. Then, the DSS would speak for itself.

And there would have been an instruction to the ” media militia”, not to comment on the incident, except circulating what had come out from either the Police, DSS, CPS, SGI, or information Commissioner.

None of these steps was taken. The ” militia ” went on rampage. Very riotous.

As we speak, the DSS has not said anything. The Police Command has not said anything, to the best of my knowledge. All indicating indignation, perhaps, because of the way and manner the governor handled the situation.

lf the Police and the DSS the governor mentioned, could keep quiet uptill now, any other person could also keep mute on the incident.

People have begun to ask questions, following what the governor said.

When has it become the tradition or practice of the DSS, to abandon or allow the corpses of those killed by its agents in an operation, at the site of the operation, to the extent that , the people from the community of the victims would come with “will- barrows ” to evacuate their lifeless bodies?.

If the operation was carried out at a camp like the governor had claimed, what of the usual things expected to be recovered from the camp?. Where’re those things?

One prominent journalist had also raised the issue of how well dressed , the late young men were. That they never dressed like folks in camp or camps. Adding fibre to the claim by the Community that , the guys were coming back from a wedding.

The crux of the matter is that , 90 % percent of governor Uzodinma’s problem on issues like that of Awomama, is always caused by him and his media ” militia “. They always raise the pole or antenna of people’s anger with most of their reactions or responses to such issues.

ln the press release on Governor Uzodinma’s comments, on the Awomama killing, not even an appeal for calm. Not even regretting the incident , no matter what the government had believed that caused it, knowing that human lives were involved.

Once again, let me appeal to the lmo Governor to stop exercising muscles. Political muscles. Let him stop looking at every situation or incident as occasion for war. He should stop talking like a garrison commander, on every issue.

He should know when to blow hot and when to blow cold. He can’t be blowing hot at any given time.

The reason all his appointees and media handlers, have also seen the whole situations as war situations.

From all indications, the governor is gradually becoming war fatigue. And it’s expected. He seems to be exhausting his armour. And the ” supply routes” could also become dry.

The reason the governor should change style and urgently too. Time is no more on his side. He has to begin to stoop low to overcome. Diplomacy wins more political “wars” than ” bullets”. He can’t win, if he continues this way.

l repeat this story for the sake of emphasis.

The enemy army came and conquered Mali Empire. Invaded the King’s palace , killed the king , his guards and children, leaving behind Sundiata, one of the children who was crippled, because they felt, he could neither bark nor bite.

Few years after, the same crippled Sundiata raised a very formidable army. Went for revenge. Destroyed both material and human, at the enemy’s side. Took over the land.

ln other words, it’s not over, until it is over and seen to be over.

The unexpected can always happen. The reason for Insurrance policies . ln case of ” incasity”. Bekee wu agbara.

” lt is not by power. Nor by might. But only, by the SPIRIT of GOD, saith the LORD of host . Who art thou, O great mountain? . Before Zerubbabel, thou shall become a plain…” ( Zechariah 4: 6- 7).

The rest is history.

My name is Sam Onwuemeodo.

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