Shettima Exposes Tinubu’s Plans To Eliminate Ndigbo From Nigeria


Recently, the Vice-presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, while appearing on Channels Tv, reiterated his personal disdain against the Igbo population in Nigeria and most likely, the devious agenda of his Party against Ndigbo, when he made attempts to present Igbo land as a separate entity from Nigeria.

Shettima while answering questions from the program’s anchor about the potent threat posed by Peter Obi’s candidacy, dismissed the frontline and unarguably, the most qualified presidential candidate, on the basis that ; “Peter can only be President in Igbo land”.

Shettima, a former governor of Borno State supervised the explosion of violence, terrorism and the most mindless abduction of innocent school girls in his State. The social, security and economic wellbeing of Borno citizens were took a turn for the worst during his eight years as governor, and there have been unconfirmed allegations that, instead of supporting the federal government’s onslaught against terrorists in the Northeast, he was highly sympathetic to the Boko Haram sect and allegedly associated closely with them, to the extent that one of the most dreaded Boko Haram terrorists was captured in his official lodge in Abuja when he was still serving as governor.

Shettima’s statement against Peter Obi couldn’t have been a slip of any sorts, but a clear statement of intent on the plans of his Party against Ndigbo, should they by any electoral magic win the presidency. Already, the Party has in the last seven years of holding sway at the center, intently relegated Ndigbo from power. They supervised the deliberate dislocation of all Igbos from any position of influence and authority in the present federal government. As if that wasn’t enough, under the watch of the APC administration, the Southeast has seen it’s worst spate of violence since after the civil war. Many people suspect that these violence are aimed at undermining and sabotaging the economic potentials of the Southeast, as a prelude, to completely excising the region from the Nigerian federation.

Shettima is not in any delusion that his type or his principal’s type can stand shoulder to shoulder with Peter Obi, on the issue of competence, integrity or strength of character. Both Obi and Tinubu had been governors of their various States, and the records are there on their performances and legacies of their administrations.

While Obi followed a well researched blueprint to restructure and reform all aspects of Anambra economy, Mr. Tinubu, who ruled over what is supposed to be Africa’s most prosperous cities, ruined that State and rather than liberate the State invested in colonizing the State to his own gain and pride. Today, Lagos State, under his firm grip and control is rated as the second worst city in the world to reside in. Both the infrastructure and economy of that citystate is in ruins.

Nigerians, whether Igbo and non Igbo, Christians and Muslims, as well as Hausas and Fulanis shouldn’t feel unconcerned about this clear threat on the corporate existence of our country. Every irredentist is a threat to national unity and they are always out to dominate and expunge those who are not of their stock. That is whom Shettima has shown himself and his Party’s agenda to be. It will be in the best interest of Nigeria to resist such a character and whatever he represents or any group he is propelled by.


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