Love Revolution By Okwuchukwu Ndubisi Kenneth

The essence of politics is to render qualitative services to the people irrespective of their tribes, religion, status or geographical location. Service to God and neighbour is the summary of the Christian faith. Our lives will be meaningless without it!The duty of an average politician is to identify the basic needs of the people and deploy the scarce resources of the state to solve them. Wastages in whatever form is not allowed.

Hence, an astute politician should be prudent in utilising the resources of the people in solving the challenges that the people are facing on a daily basis. The environmental challenge in Asaba and other towns in the state are getting out of hand.

Whenever it rains, it seems as if the world wants to come to an end. Rain is a gift from God. However, when there are not enough adequate drainage systems to dispose the water to the right location; the rain will become a burden and a problem to the inhabitants of the town.

Even the drainage systems that are in place in the town are not adequately maintained. To make matter worse, some streets that ought to be free are sold by some persons for their selfish reason; thus, causing serious flooding problem in the area.

These problems seems insurmountable but with a dynamic government at the local and state level can be solved; if the resources of the state are put to good use. Please my comrades, Labour party is the party for the present and the future because it leaders are set to revolutionize service delivery in the state.

The present government in power in the state is not doing enough to solve the problem. Their cosmetic approach in solving the environmental challenges in Asaba and other towns in the state is not helping the people. Their approach is not cost effective and efficient.

The state government should empower the local governments in the state to do their jobs very well. What we need presently is a holistic and sincere approach that will identify the environmental challenges in the state and the determination to deploy the resources to solve them.

Indiscriminate dumping of refuse should be discouraged in the town. Laws should be enacted by the state and local government to stop this menace because these dirt are usually dump in our drainage system thereby preventing water from passing through to the right location.

The people should be enlightened on the menace of indiscriminate dumping of refuse in our drainage system. More enlightenment campaign should be embarked upon by the government and other social media institutions on the importance of maintaining a clean environment in the State.

The state and local government should employ people that will help to clean our drainage system on a daily basis and these workers should be adequately enumerated. I am not happy that we do not have a good reward system in Nigeria.

It is sad to note that some people look down on workers who clean our streets, gutters and drainage systems because they believe that such jobs are meant for school dropouts and miscreants in the society. Ironically, some Nigerians travel to London and the United State of America and earn good living by doing such environmental jobs there.

These persons can take good care of their families and even send some money to their close relatives in Nigeria for their upkeep. This narrative should be changed by Labour party in the state. The party should support and enhance the dignity of labour! Workers employed to sweep our streets, clean our gutters and maintain our drainage systems should be paid good salary that will enable them take good care of their family and live a good life.

They should be given minimum wage and should enjoy good welfare packages. The gap between the rich and the poor in the state is alarming. Hence, economic policies should be initiated to reduce such gap.

The state and local government should also build more drainage systems that will totally eradicate the menace of flooding in Asaba and the state. More machinery needed to clean our drainage system on a daily basis should be purchased at a reasonable cost by the government to ensure the adequate maintenance of our drainage system in the state. Illegal structures on our streets should be removed to prevent flooding in the town.

Laws should be enacted to criminalize the sale of legitimate streets and canals in the State to discourage land grabbers from selling them to dubious people. Land grabbers caught selling streets or canals in the state should be made to pay huge penalty tax up to five million naira or more depending on the nature of the crime.

This lawlessness most stop or the menace of flooding will not be eradicated in the state. People caught dumping refuse indiscriminately in our environment should be made to pay a huge penalty tax to discourage others from doing likewise.

The state and local government should also build more drainage system that will totally eradicate the menace of flooding in Asaba. They can create a tax system that will enable them to raise the needed revenue to build and maintain more drainage systems in the state.

Penalty tax should be imposed on people caught in the act of dumping refuses indiscriminately in our environment. Efficient Drainage System Annual Tax (EDSAT) of five thousand naira per compound should be imposed on all residents in the town by the local government and kept in a pool of fund. This special EDSAT fund should be used to develop and maintain a standard drainage system in Asaba to protect it from the menace of flooding.

Other local governments in the state should do likewise, so that they will be able to generate enough funds needed to solve the environmental challenges in their locality. Such tax law should be enacted by the Delta State House of Assembly to support the local governments in the state in the discharge of their statutorily duties to the people of the state.

Please my comrades, it is advisable that we should join the different cells created by Take Back Nigeria Group in the State because it will help Labour party in Nigeria reach out to the people at the grass root. Labour party will utilise the cells created at the different locations in Delta State to ascertain the pressing needs of the people. Knowledge is power! With this knowledge, a sincere and prudent government will be better positioned to solve them.

The party will utilise the scare resources of the state in an effective and efficient manner to ensure that the needs of the people are adequately met. Labour party will ensure that the local governments in the state are adequately funded and empowered to meet the pressing needs of the people since it is the government that is closest to the people. Once we gain power in the state, we will identify and empower the various institutions that will help us solve these environmental challenges. We are tired of inconsistency in governance and we need a constructive and holistic approach to remedy the ugly situation.

My comrades, the environmental challenges in the state are alarming and dangerous because some persons have lost their properties and lives because of it. We need to come together to remedy the ugly situation before things get out of hand. Please, the benefits of a good drainage system in the state cannot be overemphasized because it will enhance the health, business, social and living conditions of the people. Hence, we need to support all the labour party aspirants in Delta State that yearn to cause a genuine change in the state.

My sincere appreciation goes to Mr. Ngozi Okolie, Mr. Clement Chukwudi Odukwe and all other aspirants of Labour party in the state for their dogged support of the change mantra of Peter Obi. May God grant us the grace to contribute our quota to the growth and development of the state in Jesus Christ name! Amen!

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