Why OBIDATTI Is A Battle Between The Corrupt Bourgous And The Masses


Except for a few of them who genuinely love Nigeria and are desirous of rescuing her from an imminent collapse, many wealthy and politically influential Nigerians are either supporting Bola Ahmed Tinubu or Atiku Abubakar.

This is not because of any ideological affinity or even understanding of whatever these individuals might have in stock for Nigeria, but either because of what they personally stand to gain from any of these individuals when they emerge as President or out of fear of what a disruption of the perverse status quo.

Most of these so-called political leaders have active case files with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission or the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission or are already under trial in court and are desperately clinging on either Atiku or Tinubu, because they understand that both individuals are “system men” and that as long as they invest enough in their campaigns, will ensure that these cases are frustrated or kept in the cooler for as long as possible.

The Subsidy thieves, contractors whose stock in trade is pad in projects into the national budget every year and collect the billions of Naira without doing any work, military contractors reap from the pains and blood of ordinary Nigerians and all shades of traitors who are major beneficiaries of Nigeria’s agonies are all fluttering around the two individuals whom they believe have the clearest chance of emerging President, in order to secure their business and political interests.

Another set of people that will throw all their bets on either Atiku or Tinubu are those people who don’t have any known job anywhere in the world, yet, live a five-star lifestyle. They live like comfortable multi-billionaires because of the patronage they get from the usual politicians. They are those who run errands for the “fraudstars” and “lunatics” in government, and for that they are ready to put everything on the line to sustain the status quo. They are not ready for any disruption, they are not ready for thinkers and patriots like Obi and Datti to take over government and turn things around. They understand that such situation will mean that their channels of getting free money will be closed down.

But, for the ordinary Nigerian masses, the success of these class of individuals’ agenda is a deepening of their agonies, and it’s failure enhances their chances of freedom from the stranglehold of bad governance, insecurity, poverty, dilapidated infrastructure, joblessness and all the anomalies that have bedevilled Nigeria. Therefore, it becomes a direct battle between the ordinary Nigerian and those parasitic elites who have sat on the wealth and future of this country for so long, that they cannot imagine any life without continuously pilfering from our commonwealth.

I should have confidence that the long-suffering Nigerian masses have had enough and it is time for them to say, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed have presented to Nigerians, an option in presidential governance that we have never had before, we will only have ourselves to blame if we fail to seize the opportunity to free ourselves from the slavery of selfish and incompetent political leadership.


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