Ike Ekweremadu: “My Brother’s Son Died Three Weeks After The Kidney Donor Disappeared In India” -Joe Igbokwe Narrates

Since reports had it that Nigerian Senator Ike Ekweremadu was arrested and detained by foreign law enforcement officers over issues bordering on human trafficking for organ harvesting, notable Nigerians have been airing their views across several social media platforms.

Joe Igbokwe, a well known politician and social commentator, took to his social media platform (Facebook) some moments ago to narrate an experience he had regarding kidney transplant. He said, “our (my) brother’s son died 3 weeks after the kidney donor disappeared in India.”

Joe Igbokwe narrated how it all began by saying, “two years ago, we had a similar experience in my family. After making inquiries on kidney transplant, we secured Visas for a trip to India for the donor, the facilitator and our ill brother. After paying huge amount and getting to the hospital in India, the donor suddenly disappeared and the facilitator, who was extorting money from us, abandoned our brother there (in India) and returned to Nigeria. I still cannot recall what the family did to bring the ill son of my brother back home. He eventually died three (3) weeks after his return.”

Again, Joe Igbokwe noted that people should not make fun of Senator Ike Ekweremmadu regarding his recent travails. He said, “please pray that you do not have a kidney, heart or liver problem as you go through the journey of life.” To him, when one is in this kind of situation, one would likely go any length to be alive. He finalized by saying, “pray to God that your Children or brothers and sisters do not witness such Medical issues. I sympathize with the senator who wants his child to live at all costs.”

He urged the public to pray for the senator and his family members. Then, he closed his comment on the issue saying, “this is not the time for political vendetta.”

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