Simeon Ikpa Is Not Representing Ipob -Charles Ogbu

After Anambra state governor, Charles Soludo visited Nnamdi Kanu in DSS custody as part of his hunt for peace, Simon Ekpa who has his own armed ESN militia for which he keeps raising money and leads a group known as the ‘Auto-pilot’ which claims to be agitating for Biafra, made a live broadcast threatening fire and brimstone against Soludo. Less than 24 hours later (yesterday, Sunday 15th), mayhem was unleashed on major parts of Anambra state:

Onitsha federal housing, 33 and GRA came under attack by Ungun Known Men. Idemmili North L.G headquarters, PHCN and Magistrate court were set afire while a sitting house of Assembly member representing governor Soludo’s own constituency was kidnapped.

At this point, we just have to tell ourselves the truth:

What is going on in the Southeast especially Anambra state IS NO LONGER BIAFRA AGITATION. IT IS PURE TERR0RISM. And governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo MUST TREAT IT AS SUCH. Simon Ekpa is simply a job man working for some interest to destabilise Anambra state. He doesn’t really care about Biafra and neither does he care about Nnamdi Kanu. He is simply using Biafra agitation as a cover to ply his ev!l trade.

Another uncomfortable truth we have to face here is, Simon Ekpa is pursuing a certain dark agenda against Anambra as a state. If you can’t see this, you really haven’t been paying attention.

In the entire Southeast, there is no governor that is more Fuulani-friendly and anti-Biafra than Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi state, Simon Ekpa’s home state. But how many times have you heard Ekpa attack Ebonyi state or the governor the way he does Soludo and Anambra??

As earlier as 2017, at a time most Igbo people were scared to be linked to Kanu, Soludo, as a member of a foremost Igbo Think Tank, Nzuko Umunna to which I belong, led a delegation made up of prof. Chidi Odinkalu, Tony Nnadi , Law Mefor et al to visit the IPOB leader in Kuje prison on behalf of the Think Tank group. They thereafter addressed a World Press conference categorically telling the FG that while the Igbos agree that Kanu is not above the law, they would also not sit back and watch him treated beneath the law. Since assuming office, Soludo has pandered to the agitating groups more than any other Southeast governor. He has called for Kanu’s release. He has even visited him. And remember, Soludo was not in power when python dance happened so he couldn’t have been a part of the governors who mismanaged the Biafra agitation

So why exactly is Simon Ekpa so fixated on Soludo and Anambra state? The answer is simple; Ekpa is not interested in Biafra or Kanu’s release. In fact, he wants Kanu to r0t in jail so he could take over. For him, THIS IS PURE BUSINESS. USING NNAMDI KANU’S OWN PLAYBOOK AND BLUEPRINT of violent rhetorics, puerile propaganda, paranoia and foolhardiness of insisting on self-destructive path which majority of the mob interpret as being CONSISTENT, the Ebonyi-born finnish ex-soldier has almost succeeded with his soft coup against IPOB leadership led by Chika Edoziem and Emma Powerful. Now, majority of the mob who saw the agitation as a class warfare and would love to see everything destr0yed so we could all start afresh, now listen to him. And with his own armed ESN and a radio channel, it appears his coup is almost complete. Now he gets to collects donation directly from diasporan Igbos WHO ARE MAINLY THE ONES FUNDING THIS VIOLENCE thinking they are supporting Biafra and still collect from his real masters.

A betting man would bet that having seen Soludo’s intimidating plans to transform Anambra, some outside interest may have hired Simon Ekpa to destabilise the state and make sure the governor is never allowed to focus on development. As it happens, I am a betting man. Remember, Ekpa is a politician in Finland. Matter of fact, he contested the last election in that country. After IPOB repeatedly cancelled the Monday sit-at-home and even Nnamdi Kanu himself spoke against the sit-at-home through his lawyers, it was the same Ekpa who continued to insist it must go on despite the unmentionable cost in human and material resources Igbos have suffered as a result of that moronic policy. It was Ekpa who was against the Anambra election even after IPOB saw reason and reverse its ‘No-Election’ order. The k!ll!ng of INEC staff member in Imo was hailed by Ekpa and his Autopilot.

What else do we need to know that this Simon Ekpa is actually working against the collective interest of Ndigbo???

Credit: Charles Ogbu page

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