I Have Been To Heaven Twice, Ezekiel Atang Did Not Die Premature God Over-Rules


I have been to heaven twice; one of those times, God said to me, ‘Uma, you have come too early; you have 34years more to preach the gospel. Go back.’ I protested, and God shocked me by saying, ‘Uma, I thought you’re my obedient servant, why the protest?’ I surrendered.

As I turned, I saw my wife lying next to me, and she was crying. ‘Why are you crying?’ She said to me, ‘the doctor said you’ll soon die.’ ‘Which doctor? I’ve just come out of the house of the dead, and someone said I’ll soon die; that doctor must be crazy, and his madness must have started from his legs.’

My wife called Bishop Okonkwo to beg me to take treatment from the doctor. Okonkwo came and amused me by saying,’ if you don’t take the drugs that they asked you to take, I will not bury you.’

Look at this man, I thought you’re a Bishop. A dead man who has gone to heaven, whether you bury him or not does it matter? No,’ I replied.

To the church, I want you to hear me, there’s nothing like premature death. God overrules every death, oversees every birth. When he (Rev. Ezekiel Atang) was at the door of death through COVID-19, they called me. …. And I said to God, ‘Dont let him die now; please, we need him. He’s a shinning light in our city.’

You can’t help but love him when you see him. Father, please give him what I call healing sleep, and he slept of and woke up, healed completely and totally.
He came to my house and we celebrated it, but because his time of departure has come, I didn’t Know until it happened. All the same, when God overrules, we can’t stop him.’

May the Comfort his family and the entire Church in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Transcribed by The Urim & The Thummim
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