God Is A Faithful Rewarder By Ike Nedu-Uba

‘God Our Great Rewarder’. (Gen. 15:1)
Rev. G. C. Nwosu, the D. S. of Ngwa (Bethlehem) District spoke on this topic, exhorting leaders and coordinators at their end of the month meeting/announcements.

The leaders were reminded of the faithfulness of God, which is evident in His relationship with Abraham. This same way, all those who kept faith with God and served Him dilligently and faithfully, will never be disappointed.
Furthermore, he drew the Leaders’ attention to Christ’s admonitions to His disciples in Matthew chapter 6. So, he affirmed that we have a better reward with God who can never fail.
The admonition message was capped with a prayer having sung the song ‘I dighi agbanwe agbanwe’.
To God be the glory!

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