We Were Not Completely Fair To Chinedu Nwadike -Darlington Ibekwe

Earlier when his ailment surfaced online, so many people criticized him, those who called him fake, g#y and so on, it was way too much for him, way too much, a man lying on his sick bed, scrolling through his social media handles and seeing unfair comments, definitely wouldn’t go down well with him, even some pastors openly went against him.

He told us he got ‘miraculously’ healed of his kidney ailment, so many of us trolled him yet again and called him fake, said his ailment was fake, he was just using it to raise money we said but today he is no more, he is dead, maybe, just maybe, his death is fake too, he just wants to attract sympathy, what a generation!Chinedu was a great vibe, whenever he steps into a circle, you would definitely know he was there and Baba had a great heart.My heart goes out to his family, his kids are too tender, that breaks my heart the most.I hope we put humanity first! We just lost a golden voice! His songs are just playing in my head right now 💔Darlington Chidera Ibekwe (DCI)
27th March, 2022.

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