Chinedu Nwadike Many Judged You Alive But God Knows All.

The news of your death chilled my body and till now am yet to recover, you were energetic, bubbling and full of life when we met last time, I never knew it will be the last.

You gave your time to compose and sing praises to God in a unique way that distinguished you out from other gospel singers.

All of a sudden, it was boom on the internet that you were sick with kidney failure and cancer of the blood. You begged people, friends, associates and even politicians you worked for to assist, only you and God knows if they assisted you.

After some time a good news came that are not better and was getting ready to be discharged, I was happy with others who loved.

A day after news was internet that you faked your sickness, I defended you to my best and kept praying for your discharge from hospital,only to come back from hospital and the social media was on fire that you gone, I could not believe it immediately until I made my findings.

You fought tough to live again but your best was not enough to keep you going, God knows best.

Many judged you alive, called you names and condemned you as if they were God, they might be right or wrong in their judgement, but one thing I know is that nobody on earth is free from gossip,slander and even weakness, but I want to believe that on your sick bed you made peace with God and He will accept you if you did that with all your heart.

It’s a lesson to us, we should not build a wall around ourselves and never let others in while at the top, the people we despised might be out helpers in times of need. Rest on Nwoke Oma.

De Prince

CEO Gisthubmedia24 LTD

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