What Ebonyi State May Look Like In The Next Few Days

For days now a lot has been happening in Ebonyi State following the sack of Gov. Dave Umahi as the governor of the state following his cross carpeting to the ruling APC from PDP the platform he was elected. Below are few things that may likely happen in next few days.

1. It’s now 72 hours since a Federal High Court removed Ebonyi State Governor and his Deputy. Since then, the former governor is yet to secure a stay of execution despite all the media make beliefs that he has secured one.

His inability to get a stay of execution may not be unconnected with his verbal insults on the presiding judge who he forgot will be the one that will issue him the stay of execution. Remember the old saying that ‘he who the gods want to kill they first make mad’.

2. The incoming Governor of Ebonyi State Rt. Hon. Iduma Igariwey yesterday addressed a press conference and reminding INEC on the need to expedite action to issue him the certificate of return. Information gathered from Abuja said that INEC may likely issue the COR today to avoid contravening the law.

3. It is no more news that the fate of the 15 law makers of Enonyi State House of Assembly who defected to APC along side the former governor have been sealed. They will be replaced in the coming days by the PDP. However, a new Speaker of the House of Assembly and other principal officers will be sworn in in the coming days. Rt. Hon. Franca Okpo may likely be the new speaker.

4. If the analysis on 3 above plays out, and Dave manages to secure a stay of execution, he may likely be impeached by 2³ majority of the House after he must have paid them all their entitlements which he denied them since his defection. But if they decide not to impeach, he will end up being a tool in their hands.

5. The Ebonyi State Government House and the House of Assembly have remained under luck since the court rulings. Hopefully, by Monday next week, Rt. Hon. Iduma Igariwey will make a triumphant entry to the Government House. When this happens, many people will lose their jobs and many will get new employment. Members of Ebubeagu may end up becoming born again Christians.

6. From all indications, it is obvious that the leadership of APC in the country have distanced themselves from this matter or may have a hand it. You may recall that the former APC National Caretaker Committee Chairman was removed on Monday this week and within 24hrs, Dave was removed. In other words, he is fighting a battle from two fronts.

6. In the coming days, so many more intriguing developments will occur. There is no gain saying the fact that so much State resources have been wasted on this venture.


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