CHINEDU NWADIKE: Social Media Has Both Beautiful And The Ugly


-Sam Onwuemodo

Undoubtedly, Social media had come with both the beautiful and the ugly. The good and the bad. And we thank God for everything.

Chinedu Nwadike is a young Nigerian of lgbo extraction. lnfact, an exemplary son of lmo state.

A front-seat actor and musician. A celebrity. He sings to praise God. An outstanding artist.

Few days ago, we woke up to see his photographs on a hospital bed, almost naked, with medical tools or needles fixed to some parts of his body .

With the photographs in circulation , he was unconscious and obviously, at the emergency ward of the hospital in question.

I wasn’t comfortable with the photographs. And l ask , was it proper for the hospital to have released the photographs of their patient in such condition or situation, totally naked except his private part that was coverd with something that looks like a “hand-towel”? .

Obviously , Nwadike would not have authorized the release of his photographs in that condition.

And l ask, was it right for the hospital or its personnel to have released Nwadike’s photographs in that condition without his consent?

Even if any member of the family was present, was it proper for the hospital to have allowed that family member to take the photographs of their patient in such condition for any reason? .

Some of us would like to know. Would like to be educated on this.

Was the hospital right, legally and/or professionally or morally to do that?

Again, few minutes after the photographs had hit social media platforms, individuals began to ask or solicit for financial assistance for the man.

l also ask again, was it proper for such people to begin to ask for financial help for the man without his consent or approval?. Or, that of the wife or any of his relatives? .

Both morally and legally , was that proper?.

Nwadike, aside being a star in the entertainment industry, has notable friends across the nation. He also belongs to notable groups, especially professional groups.

He is also a dependable and resourceful member of a known formidable political family.

I know that some of these groups or persons would have come to the Rescue, if the need arises or without people calling for financial assistance .

But the hasty request for financial assistance from people not in anyway, related to the man and without any proof that the man himself had given them approval for such request , made the whole thing appear somewhat un-serious or childish .

And such indiscriminate calls for assistance would have also made it to look as if, anybody doing something , must be doing so in response to the haphazard calls for assistance.

l ask , was it ideal or proper for people not related to Nwadike in any way to have asked for people’s financial assistance without his approval or that of his wife or any member of the family?

Some of these questions have become necessary because of the swift manner, with which people solicit for financial assistance for others on social media without the person’s consent or that of any member of the person’s family .

At times , some of those doing this , would also give account number(s) into which, those willing, would pay in.

I only leveraged on Nwadike’s case to make my point.

GOD has already given him divine healing.

By the STRIPES on the Body of Jesus , he is healed of every infirmity, including kidney failure.

GOD who healed Naaman of leprosy and raised Lazarus from the dead, is still on the THRONE. The same, yesterday, today and forever.

Jesus says , whatever we ask in his name , he would do it. We have asked in his name , that Chinedu Nwadike would be divinely healed of his sickness, Amen.

And for all and sundry, no plague shall near our dwelling places, Amen.

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