Some Of The Unintended Consequences Sanctions On Russia By The US Led Western Alliance.

By Chris Maduka

Check through out history, everytime the Whiteman tries to tell another Whiteman what to do or try to Lord over him as they’ve done to other races through out written history there’s bound to be crises that will redefine the world and alter it permanently.

Recall that it was the Roman Catholic church Pope attempt to dictate to King Henry Viii of England 🇬🇧 what to do, who to marry and whom not to Marry that led to the expulsion of the Catholic Ambassador to England (Papal Nuncio) as he severed ties with the Roman catholic church. King Henry Viii proceeded and married his mistress Ann Bolin and started his own Cburch – the church of England Anglican communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury being his own Pope.

The Europeans engaged in 30yr war partially for the same reasons. Today we have nation states smaller than Lagos Island or Mbaise a town in Imo state. We have Andora, Gibralter, even Netherlands are all small tiny independent nations based on the principles of being at liberty to choose how to live and not to be dictated to.

America went to war because their founding fathers resented England telling them what to do as they declared: give us freedom or give us death as they fought and broke away from England and took some radical steps to do nearly opposite of what was done in England in the New 🌎world.

What we are seeing today with the crises and events that led to the invasion of Ukraine 🇺🇦by Russia is the same repeat of the past of one Whiteman attempting to tell another whiteman what to do.
Russia don’t want Ukraine to join NATO alliance for obvious security concerns, but the US through NATO alliance want to tell the People of the former Soviet Union how they will exist with them the US being the big brother and having the upper hands. Something they, the US will never tolerate as they will go to any length and alter the course of history to stop such development.

I recall the former IMF chief attempt to comment on the former President George W. Bush tax cuts. Something IMF and other global financial institutions do with recklessness and arrogance to the weaker nations and emerging economies. This simple act so infuriated the Bush Administration officials , that David Malpas a member of Bush team took IMF to the cleaners in his full page publication on Wallstreet journal. They warned IMF to butt off, and they did.

So what we are beginning to see is another cycle of the US attempting to pull some strings to compel another Whiteman (Putin and the Russians) to do what they want them to do.

So this is perhaps the beginning of a Bi-polar world where members of the emerging non align movement mostly of the colonial outposts of Africa and the middleast will have the opportunity to make choices and engage in strategic alliances that is in their best interest. We are at the threshold of the post Unipolar world the United states and her allies ruled with certain level of impunity and hypocrisy that has left most parts of the world in ruins.

Hopefully the new rival payment vehicles that will rival Visa and Master card will birth a new outlook and followership just like the Anglican church emanated from the fall out between the Pope and the King of England and both churches are still existing side by side till this day, so will certain steps like the ones Russia and China are taking will become a reality and it is not a bad thing for us in the EM, emerging markets.

Obviously this will force the imperialist nations of Europe like France 🇫🇷 , Great Britain 🇬🇧 and some others that are heavily dependent on the exploitative and lopsided global financial system and old economic order to have a rethink or have some of these leaders look towards the EAST.

It is up to them to address some of the imbalances that have kept them rich and the countries of their former colonies desperately and perennially poor or they will go East towards Russia/China.

However, the developing economies and weaker nations must also brace up for a whole new wave of state assassinations and coup and counter coups may become acceptable means of changing governments that dare try to tilt towards the Russia🇷🇺/China alliance in the emerging global new world order.

Looking like cold war era Dejavu all over again. But the difference this time is the information age, the economic interdependency and the integration of the global financial system through globalization. Already the aircraft leasing companies in Europe have been instructed to recall the aircrafts leased to Russia, so many in number, that is now creating logistical nightmare and financial crises for the leasing company. This is just the indication of the emerging realities in the current era.

Let’s continue to watch the unintended consequences of the Ukrainian crises and proactively re-strategize how we can ride the wave and change our fortune and outlook. We must rethink everything instead of engage in the shallow emotional reaction based on heavily biased report of the Western media that often engage in the dangerous act of telling a single story.

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