My Mother Destroyed My Life – Lady Raised By Single Mom Cries Out

Lady Raised By Single Mother Heartbroken After Finding Out Truth Why Father Left Despite Mom’s Lies

“My mum destroyed my life. She left my dad 18 years ago while I was still 10years. She told me a lot of bad things about my dad. How wicked he is to her and to me. How he abandoned me. That she’s the one single handedly took care of me. That my daddy divorced her because of a side chick. I grew up hating my dad and I avoided my dad.

I’m the only child of my dad. My dad never remarried but my mum has cohabited with 4different men. She started arranging men for me from 14years and told me that since my dad isn’t sending us money, I need to sell my body, save up and train my self in school.

Ceetee, a lot happened to me. My fiancé broke up with me because he tried reconciling my dad and I but I refused. When we wanted to get married, I insisted that he must go to my mothers side and pay my things. He said he can never do that. Not when my dad is still alive. We broke up because of dad. I never give my dad an Opportunity to talk to me because of the hatred I had for him.

I just found out that my mum lied. I went to my dad and he told me the whole truth. My mum was dating my dads tenant and got pregnant. My dad gave the man quick notice to pack and my mum followed him. My dad showed me his statement of account.

He created that particular account for me and he has consistently sent 50,000 every month for my upkeep. My mum will use it and still claim my dad isn’t sending money. I’ve gone back to my dad but I’m still angry. Ceetee, what’s the best way to punish my mum.”

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