Atiku Woos PDP Reps To Support His Presidential Ambition

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, on Tuesday in Abuja declared that he had the mental and physical energy to serve the Peoples Democratic Party and Nigerians as the President.

He also said his passion for the country was the driving force for seeking the PDP’s ticket for the office of President.
Atiku stated this during a meeting with the party’s House of Representatives Minority Caucus in Abuja, where he sought their support.

Describing the legislature as the most sensitive organ of Nigeria’s democracy, he said although the PDP was in the minority in the 9th National Assembly, this would not be the case in the next dispensation.

He stated, “When we get into power, I want to work in harmony with the National Assembly and protect constitutional independence and freedom. Most of the changes we want to bring require constitutional adjustment and that cannot happen without cooperating with the National Assembly.

“I want to ensure a smooth and careful legislative process. I will give my best and work with politicians and great resourceful people in our party; I have the mental and physical energy to serve our party to the fullest.

“Above all, it is my passion for the progress of this country that drives my quest for the Presidency of this country.”

Reeling out his resume, the 2019 presidential candidate said he had experience at the highest and lowest levels.

He argued that as the Vice-President, he ensured many progressive and national transformations and constitutional law.
As a businessman, Atiku stated that he had solved grassroots problems and provided jobs for thousands of people.

He stated, “I am designing a policy document that will guide effectively in the implementation of our solution. The policy document is now undergoing review. I want to work with you, to collect your feedback and input.

“You will be the one that will transition our party from being the minority party to the majority party. The PDP will be the majority party in the next National Assembly and we will deliver progress and development for the people.

“I recognise your immense influence on our great party and my respect for you is beyond measure. That is why I chose you to be among the first set of people that I will be meeting to personally declare my intention to contest for the President of Nigeria in 2023.

“Therefore, I humbly present myself to you and seek your support to win our party’s presidential ticket. The PDP is in a better position to offer Nigerians that desirable and competent leadership.

That is what I want to offer; I want to offer solutions to our problems, but we have to do it together.”
He added that the victory of the PDP depended on the candidates it produced at primary elections at all levels.

“That is why we must choose those that can easily win at the secondary election,” he urged.

In his remarks, the House of Representatives Minority Leader, Ndudi Elumelu, said the PDP needed unity to oust the governing All Progressives Congress in 2023.

He stated, “We do not doubt that you have the mental and physical capacity needed to drive the PDP to win the election.

“But what we have always said is that we are not happy with the way we are not trying to unite ourselves. What is important is that we must unite ourselves to take over from the APC-led government.”

As he said in February when approached by the former Senate President, Pius Anyim, the Minority Leader stressed the need for all presidential aspirants to avoid attacking each other because it would not help them.


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