Wickedness: Chief Gab Ofoma Ojemba Enwe Ilo Killed

ARUUUU! Nnewi Iroko Gunned Down.

After visiting his home in Nnewi and was on his way back to his base in Port Harcourt, Chief Gab Ofoma (Ojemba Enwe Ilo Nnewi) Chairman/CEO of Ofoma Associates Ltd., was gunned down in cold blood on Sunday by those who kill for no reason.

He was murdered on the Ukpor- Lilu- Orsumoghu- Azia- Mbosi Road (which connects Anambra State to Imo State), as his driver made a detour from the Onitsha-Owerri Highway en route to Port Harcourt, due to the traffic jam on the highway.

His crime probably was that he was riding in an SUV and looked like a “big man.”

Many people have been murdered on that Ukpor- Lilu- Orsumoghu- Azia- Mbosi Road by these people who kill anybody that is in a big car and looks like a big man. It has become a crime to ride a big car in the Southeast, except you have a battalion of security operatives guarding you. During the Christmas/New Year mass return, the killers seemed to have gone on holiday and resumed afterwards.

Chief Ofoma was a senior estate surveyor and valuer. He had a big estate surveying firm with offices in Port Harcourt (headquarters), Nnewi, Abuja and Lagos, employing over 150 people.

He was a soft-spoken gentleman whose chieftaincy title Ojemba Enwe Ilo means “a traveller or sojourner does not create enemies.”

He was an illustrious son of Umunnealam, Umudim, Nnewi.

May his soul rest in peace.

When will these senseless and directionless killings stop? What will these killings achieve?

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