Late Mrs Priscilla Ukwu, Nee Johnson Ugbaja, An Extraordinary Human Being

By Chris O. Maduka


With the deepest sense of loss and sadness I wish to announce to this family the lost of one of our best sisters, ADA IKPAKWU, one of the greatest humanbeings God put on this planet earth. An Angel in human-form;


I can go on and on, because there are endless names and ways to characterize this late icon. There are so many ways to express our opinion of this woman of character and virtue we just lost, as death is the least common denominator in the land of the living.

Mrs Priscilla Ukwu Nee Johnson Ugbaja, was an extraordinary humanbeing. This woman has no part two. God perhaps created only one Priscilla and gave her to Amazu Ikpakwu.

She was Married to late Mazi Dennis Ukwu of Ikpaeze a career School teacher and mentor. Yes, she went on the pilgrimage of marriage but our late Auntie and sister never left Ikpakwu and Ndiamazu by extension in her mind and soul.

She was so emotionally attached to this village it is beyond imagination. Every year with very young pupil arriving National to start their secondary school education, Mrs Ukwu will quietly investigate and take inventory of those young boys from her beloved village, from there she will continue to assist and encourage everyone that reached to her for the duration of that crucial five years.

In all my life, and am not the only one bearing this witness or giving this testimony, others who passed through National High School Arondizuogu where she was stationed with her late Husbamd, who are from Ikpakwu, generation after generation can collaborate and confirm my testimony.

They too can testify to what manner of woman this woman was.Mazi Imirikiti Okey Ozim, Mazi Uche Benson Ugbaja, and so many that came after we’ve left National can also testify. Infact, anyone that ever encountered her can so easily testify to the goodness of this woman an Angel in humanform.

Perhaps, she realized that the greatest investment in this world is the one we make on our fellow humanbeings and so she did through out her life time.

So, we’ve lost a great Soul, but we should all be comforted because this woman lived her life more as a transcendentalist. She did not live for the sake of living. She lived her life in a way that showed others the simplicity and humility of serving God and living right.

Her life and interaction with others is the sum total of our journey here on earth; which is just to live as the Children of the most high God and in the end we shall hear that well done from God Almighty as the world is terrifying.

And for all these we are grateful to God for PRISCILLA. We shall continue to express our gratitude to God for the Gift of this woman to humanity. After all that’s what it means to live forever after.

Now she has once again transformed back to the heavenly Angel she has always been, may her soul Rest in perfect peace..Amen

Ezimkpuru ✍🏾

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