Abba Kyari Blaming IPOB And ESN for Everything Including His Domestic Quarrel With His Wife

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Abba Kyari blaming IPOB AND ESN for everything including his domestic quarrel with his wife is part of the prevailibg mindset which is another indication of delusion and dennial greater part of this country has descended so low. The invocation of IPOB or any other agitator has become the password for the criminal elements within the law enforcement community to commit heinous crimes and despicable acts.

And why not; when we have people that have made IPOB, SIT AT HOME and all that their full time calling and pre occupation. So why won’t anyone point towards Southeast for whatever is going wrong for individuals or the entire Nigeria. Very soon Asiwaju will blame same people for his great unraveling and dwindling polititcl fortunes. He will not blame it on his greed and deluded mindset of attempting to usurp the turn of Ndigbo to produce the next President.

So it is with the Igbo politicians that have failed their people and have lost their loyalty and confidence. They blame those reacting to their dereliction of duty and being willing accomplices to the near destruction of very resilient and promising people.

The same Abba Kyari I called a Dirty Cop few weeks ago on one of our group chats and some apologist there that frequently points at his father’s house with left the fingers jumped on my throat in defense of a killer cop that has sent so many innocent souls to their early Graves.

The issue of ABBA KYARI has its international dimmesion to it, especially the indictment from the US. It is only God of justice that made that to be the case. For it is just a mere local content only, if it is domiciled here alone, Abba Kyari would’ve been the front runner for the next president, and his campaign will be spearheaded by the Arewa Northern Youths that have refused to grow up. Joining them will be few misguided youths in the South that survived his wave of mass murder. They will uphold as someone who dealt with the agitators a champion and true Nigerian. Yes these are acts and attributes that make people here true Citizens.

Anybody that knows must realize that those shielding Abba Kyari from going to face justice are themselves easily qualifying for Obstruction of justice by US law and statue. For these people, it is a matter of time. Those excuses and pointing fingers are now old stories. They are clichés.

One day be one day Monkey go go market and e no go return.

Chris O Maduka

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