Timothy Odeniyi Arrested By Amotekun Security Harvesting Parts Of Dead People In Ondo Cemetery

35 year old Timothy Odeniyi was apprehended by Amotekun in a cemetery in Ondo state harvesting parts of dead people.

Hear his confession:

“I went to the cemetery to cut the legs and hands of one of the bodies buried there. I had planned to deliver the parts to the person who sent me in Lagos before I was apprehended. Once I deliver the items, he promised to give me N30 million.

“The burial ground I went is in Ondo town’s Sabo axis to chop the parts; I didn’t kill anyone, and it was my first time. I used to drive a trailer.

“When I used to drive a truck, the man who sent me used to be my supervisor. I used to throw the parts in the trash, and he’ll send people to pick it up.”

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