The Ongoing Terrorism In Abate Community Of Anambara State

– Igbo Di Uso

There has been an ongoing act of Terrorism in Abatete, Idemili North, Anambra state which seems to be beyond the elders and Igwe in council of the community.

A certain man whose name was simply given by our source as Chinedu Unachukwu from Ogbu village in Abatete who works locally as artisan in the community has been lured by some other indigenes, Kenechukwu Enyokwa, Ifeanyi Enyokwa and Onyeka Enyokwa with a pretext of having a job to contract to him, the 3 brothers including Chinedu all hail from the same village (Ogbu)



On that fateful day around early December 2021 Chinedu followed the 3 brothers as they invited him to see a job, hoping he was about to earn some money.

Incidentally the tune of the music changed as they got to a bush path where they started to beat him as they were joined by a group of thugs they organised and whose identity are still unknown.
While they beat him with 2×2 timber they also made a video of the devilish act, according to them his offence was that he insulted their father, Mr Anthony Enyokwa popularly called Oku, the allegation was that their father was insulted by Chinedu at a village meeting which Chinedu vehemently denied doing, though his denial of the of the act didn’t stop them , they continued beating him, robbed him of his phone and some undisclosed cash amount he had with him at the time. Chinedu managed to escape for his life on that fateful day.

However the recorded video leaked as the gang shared it amongst their friends.

The video was also posted on the Abatete Community platform on Facebook; Abatete Abanna (Obodo oma)
Yet no one seamed to have understood the magnitude of the issue.

The Ogbu village chairman, Mr Chekwubechukwu Morah who apparently was the one who took Chinedu to the hospital for treatments after the encounter has not been able to do much since the people involved are viewed as notorious and somewhat untouchable.
The President General of the community, Chief Law Okoye is aware of the case. The traditional ruler himself, Igwe Engr Emeka Efobi according to our source is also aware of what is going on though he resides in the United States and no actions has been impacted from his end.

The police have not been able to do anything as well despite several reports of threats of Chinedu’s life by the gang. The case was also reported at the state CID according to our source.

He has since escaped to an unknown destination for safety, though he’s still very apprehensive.

How long will Chinedu hide for? What crime did he commit that he’ll have to run from his own father land?
All these questions remain unanswered.

©Igbo Di Uso

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