The Rain Of Bags Of Rice; Engr Akarachi Amadi Gifts Mbaike Women For Christmas

Giving is one of the greatest acts in the Bible. Every hand that gives , never lacks. This act we have seen in the Eziama in Ikeduru born businessman and a humanitarian by nature, Engr Akarachi Amadi.

The show of sincerity, pure and meek heart by this compassionate young man, as he feeds the entire women of Mbaitoli LGA and Ikeduru LGA in their various wards and booths respectively.

The journey around the wards of Mbaike which took over eight days with massive turn out of the women of Mbaike to receive a bag of rice each was devoid of party affiliations and segregation. I am sure to tell you that eighty percent of Mbaike homes has Engr Amadi’s rice cooking in their houses.

Amidst the flow of joy as expressed by the women, especially the very old ones, was the prayers to the young philanthropist. The mothers acknowledged that they have not seen it this way before in the history of Mbaike.

What made it spectacular was the fact that out of the young engineer’s busy schedule, he found time to tour round to deliver these bags of rice by himself to the women or mothers . Like the Indians will say “if u want to eat a good food, make it yourself “. It was usual for politicians to give out rice or stuffs like that through one leader or the other and most of the time, the commodities get diverted and the people they are meant for won’t even have a smell of it. These narratives, Engr Akarachi Amadi wants to change in Mbaike and even beyond.

The young Engr while addressing the people have promised them that it will be a reoccurring yearly affair as it is a show of love between him and his mothers. In his speech; “when a mother trains her child to a good level, it is rather reasonable for the child to come back and take care his mama in return. This is my motivation to take care of our mothers in Mbaike. I have said it that whatever I do for my own biological mother, I will do for Mbaike women”.

He went on to promise the Mbaike women and even their men of a free medical outreach which may commence in this month of January. He made this promise owing to the fact that he observed that some of the women coming out for his Christmas largesse have one health challenge or the other.

Engr Akarachi Amadi while going round the wards of Mbaike has made promises to offset all bills for the purchase of 2022 JAMB forms for all candidates of Mbaike who have good results in their WAEC and NECO and are seeking for admission into the universities. The modality is to have the list of such students from the various community President Generals and the Royal fathers as the case maybe.

The AFO DI MKPA PROJECT was a loudable one and the encomium and prayers for the young Engr by the women who received his Christmas package will not seize to flow in a hurry.

It’s important to note that before this time, Engr Amadi had on the 1st of January 2022 opened a four bedroom bungalow with a borehole and tank stand he built for an indigent widow in Ikembara Ikeduru Local Government and handed the keys over to her.

Young Amadi is also the sponsor of the loud 20 Million Naira MBAIKE UNITY FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT that ended on the 2nd of January 2022 which saw Amaimo ward in Ikeduru clinching the first position.

We are also not bereaved of the information that his penchant for development has given smiles on about five roads in Mbaike as constructions are on going right now on them. Some of these roads are Nkwo Orji Obazu-MBIERI Road, Afor Eziama-Okpuala Road, Atta-Nkwodoro Ikembara Road, Ochicha-Ngugo Eziama Road.

Engr Akarachi Amadi is the Founder/CEO Akarachi Foundation and Integrity Group Initiative



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