Chairman Seahorse Industries Dr. Ebuka Onunkwo Sends Mother inlaw Home In A Blaze Of Glory

It was billed to be the mother of all burials and it truly lived up to expectations and hype.

My billionaire boss and the chairman of Seahorse industries Dr Ebuka Onunkwo with his amiable wife spared no expense to send his beloved mother -in law home in a blaze of glory.

It was a gathering of who is who in Ozubulu today from Peter Obi to Jowi Zaza and his billionaire dad,Jesco oil to first republic minister of Information, Amaechi Mbazuluike to Aki and Paw Paw and then the BBN winner, White money.

It was a gathering of the best and brightest in our society.

We all came because we love the son in law and Seahorse boss because truly, he is a good man.

So there is no way and my cofounder and ally, Nnenna MiriamJane Eze would miss the burial for anything in this life. It would have been an unpardonable sin if we had missed it.

One of the biggest takeaway for me was simple: just be a good person; people you touched their lives will turn up for you when you call them to come.

That was exactly what happened today.

I guess Ozubulu has not seen anything of this scale that happened today. It was a colorful carnival.

I will share official photos from the event, tomorrow.

Till then, good evening every one!

– Chukwudi Iwuchukwu



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