Rt Hon. Chief Ngozi Obiefule Sends Christmas Message To The Good People Of Isu

Rt Hon.Chief (Mrs) Ngozi S.M Obiefule,the Honorable member representing the good people of Isu state Constituency IMHA.

A silent night,
a star above,
a blessed gift of hope and love.
A blessed Christmas to you!
May the joy and peace of Christmas be with
you all through the Year.

Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above.

This the season of love and joy; the season of giving and sharing; the season to pause, to reflect and be thankful for all the Lord has done. We wish you a merry Christmas.

Halleluyah! The king reigns. As we commemorate the birth of Christ, may his glory fill our lives and home. Have a merry Christmas.

If the devil knew what the birth of Jesus would accomplish, he would have done all he could to prevent it. Well, he did try but he could not stop the coming of the savior of the world. As he failed with Christ, may he fail in every of his attempts over your life. Merry Christmas.

Comr Solomon C.J

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