WhatsApp Launches Campaign To Fight Fake News In Nigeria

WhatsApp has announced a campaign, #YouSaid, to educate people on how to verify information they come across before passing it on, in a bid to help reduce the spread of false news in Nigeria.

According to the company, the campaign offers tips for WhatsApp users to spot false news and take responsibility in minimising its spread, by encouraging them to think carefully and check authoritative sources before deciding to share any information with their friends and family.

In a statement, WhatsApp Public Policy Lead, Akua Gyekye, said, “At WhatsApp, all personal messages are protected with end-to-end encryption because the safety and security of our users and their messages is important to us.
“While we remain committed to creating a safe space for our users to communicate privately, we encourage everyone to verify any information they receive and confirm whether it is true or false before sharing it with other people. Regardless of the person you received the information from, as soon as you share any information, it becomes something people think #YouSaid.”
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