Gruesome Murder Of Njaba Monarchs: Why Gov. Uzodinma Should Bend Down And See Aba.

By: Prince Macdonald Enwere

“Bend Down And See Aba” is a metaphorical sarcasm descriptive of the complexities, obscurations and inconspicuousness of life in the Enyimba city.
It is an indisputable fact from time immemorial that life in Enyimba city is like a hurdle full of complexities.
To unravel the complexities of life and survival standard in Aba requires keen and in-depth introspection. It requires the spirit of concentration and cognition.

Indeed, the current situation of Imo state has become so bad, and very difficult to comprehend. The rapid deterioration of affairs in the state which results to destruction, incessant killing, fear and progressive

militarization of the state should provoke and elicit great concern. No day passes by in the state without the drum of killing and shedding of innocent blood. Imo state which used to be the safest state in Nigeria has turned into an albattoir and theater of war. Life is no more safe. The Government of the day has lost grip of the security of the state. The Governor who is the chief security officer of the state has proved not to be in charge. Life in the state has become brutish, unsafe and uncanny because the Governor has refused to bend down and see Aba. It requires the spirit of introspection and cognition to unravel the circumstances of any situation.

The Governor must tell himself the truth. The progressive militarization and use of brute Force and kinetic approach can never bring solution to this ugly incident in the state. Rather what the Governor needs to do at this critical point in time is to bend down and see Aba.

Who can ever believe that the situation will degenerate to the extent leading to the rolling of heads of our revered traditional Rulers.

The insalubrious and gruesome murder of traditional Rulers in Njaba is the height of it all. Such a barbaric and callous act is not only sacrilegious but an abomination and ugly crack in our traditional institution. Indeed, Agwo no n’akirika . We are heading into a more dangerous precipice only because the Governor has refused to bend down and see Aba. We are now really in a war front. The Governor should rise up and order the withdrawal of military in the state. Use of brute Force and kinetic approach cannot solve the problem.

There should be immediate investigation and Community engagement to unravel the remote cause of the rolling of the revered heads of our traditional Rulers in Njaba.

The Governor should come down from his high horse and bend down to see Aba.

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