Don’t Toy With Consumers’ Health, NAFDAC Tackles Substandard Packaged Water Manufacturers

The National Agency for Food Drug and Administration says it will intensify efforts at tackling issues of substandard packaged water in Kaduna.
The state coordinator of the agency, Nasiru Mato, said that the problem was to be blamed on some manufacturers operating without good manufacturing equipment.

“We have observed some packaged water carelessly sold in the market disregards basic good manufacturing practices required to guarantee quality packaging.
“Those who do not comply with the specifications will not be allowed to toy around with the health of consumers,” he said.
He added that the agency would continue its surveillance and routine checks to ensure adherence by packaged water manufacturers in the state.
He also urged residents to only drink packaged water that had a label and date on them.

In addition, Mr Mato said that packaged water was only fit for consumption within two months of production, pointing out that the agency’s continuous efforts at updating manufacturers on critical aspects of good manufacturing and sanitation had been very useful in making them maintain standards.
“We will also remain steadfast in advising the manufacturers on post-production handling of the products,” he said.
He added that the rise in temperature in the country, because of the impending dry season, could mean more demand for water in the coming days.
He added that the agency would intensify its monitoring to ensure hygienic packaged water for citizens to consume.
“NAFDAC in Kaduna will continue to work around the clock to ensure that manufacturers of regulated products in the state do their businesses in compliance with laid down standards, procedures and requirements.
“If there are any major or critical lapses and violations, then we will have no option but to apply the appropriate sanctions,” he said.

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