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What was the first statement your husband made to you?
He said, “Were you in the church today”? Did you attend Living Faith Church Life Camp and I responded “Yes.” That was the first statement he uttered to me.
How did you meet him?
I met my husband in a home fellowship. After church that day, I went for a home fellowship and it was my first time attending church and home fellowship. He had seen me in church that day and was shocked to see me in the home fellowship where he was the leader and he said hi.

Normally, as a first-timer, one would fill a form requesting details of one’s phone and home address. He got my phone number and we got talking. He would call to ask how work was and if I had eaten of which I told him I was a member of the National Youth Service Corps.
We would later see each other at church during weekly services and on Sundays.
When did you know that you would end up getting married?
I knew I was going to marry him the first day I met him because I had a covenant with God when I graduated from the school that I wanted to marry nine months after school. I wrote down the day I intended to meet my husband. The day I wrote down was July 1. I didn’t know that July 1, 2012 was a Sunday until we met. A couple of weeks after I had met him, I checked the book where I initially wrote down the date and I gasped when I realised the date I met the man who was to be my husband.

Apart from the date, other qualities and events I wrote down were seen in my husband and everything fell in place. Immediately we met, we started talking about marriage, so I knew he was my husband.
What event made your wedding day memorable?
The vows we exchanged.
How has the marital journey been?
It has been amazing. Being married to Ikechukwu is the best thing that has happened to me since I said yes. He sees marriage as a partnership. He loves me and he makes submission easy for me. He is not the regular African husband.
How have you been able to balance your career and home?
I have a support system in my husband, team, fans and most of all God, that have made me able to manage the home front and entertainment. God has been the pilot of my life. It has been tough and sometimes I want to cry or break down because it is a lot but the support system has been helpful. I am not easily distracted and I focus on what is most important and that has helped.
How do you handle attention from male fans?
Fortunately for me, I am not in that space where I get harassed or asked out by male colleagues or fans.

When they see me, they ask about my husband so I do not get harassed or get attention from them. I made it so intentionally and that is how I want it.
What’s your advice to young people planning to marry?
They need to understand that marriage is of God and that only God calls the shots and has the manual.

The key to a successful marriage is with God since He instituted marriage and he says that women should submit to their husbands and men should love their wives. You need to understand that a woman needs love to submit and a man needs respect to love. You should see yourselves as humans and not perfect. Also, give space for adjustment and be flexible. Most of all, the men should make submission easy for women. That way it will be easy for a woman to love and respect her husband.

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