I Killed Uncle Dan Because He Destroyed Me Emotionally -Fiction

In 2017 after my junior waec I went to stay with my aunt and her family in Enugu, independent layout precisely, and that was my first time of coming down to the East.

All my life I’ve been with my mother at Ibadan, well I’ve no shame to admit I was raised by a single mother.

According to her, eloping with Mustafa to the west was the worst mistake of her life, but that’s a story for another day.

Being a young naïve girl who had just rounded up her entrance examinations, my mom had opted I go for holidays at her elder sister’s house in Enugu and equally learn her trade, Aunty uju was a renowned household name in making female clothes, she was a reputable fashion designer who had ten industrial sewing machine in her shop, five Manual sewing machine, an industrial weaving machine and a standby generator which supplied power to her shop even though Enugu never lack power supply and twenty apprentice working under her.

When I got to her house, it was easy to adapt as I was welcomed heart fully into the family, her two kids had loved and respected me.

At first Aunty uju was kind towards me, took me in as one of her child and was ever ready to support me while I learn tailoring, I’d follow her to shop every morning and come back in the evening, all famished and practically exhausted from the day’s work.

I didn’t take long before mastering the act of using the sewing machine, within a month I could make a baby’s wear.
My ordeals in Aunty uju’s house had began few weeks after her husband returned from his official duty in Rivers State. He was a police officer and was on an electoral duty in the state for months before my arrival to the house.

Uncle Dan, as he was fondly called was more friendlier to me than my Aunt, at first I suspected nothing but with time he started getting closer to me than usual.

He’d leave his station, as of then he was an assistant superintendent of police in one of the police division in Enugu, he’d come back home, call his wife, Aunty uju to send me back home to prepare food for him and my aunt would oblige, Ofcause she suspected nothing.

As time goes on, Aunty uju made me start leaving the shop at 1:00pmdaily to go home and prepare dinner.
“Onyinyechi do you know you’re a very beautiful girl and you’re indeed growing into a more beautiful lady?” Uncle Dan had started that afternoon, he was still in his police regalia.

He was running his hand on my head, gently massaging it. I was scared and confused because I had literally no knowledge of what he was up to.

“Uncle please Aunty asked me to prepare food before the kids comes back from school..” I had responded in the most respectful way I could, feigning ignorance and trying to loose myself from his gentle grip.

But he came more closer, I felt a bulge in his trouser when he came closer, he then bent my neck and planted a deep kiss on my lips, I tried to push him away but uncle Dan was one of the hugely built man I’ve ever seen, his masculinity overshadowed my small physique.

I started crying, begging he should let me go but his mind was already made up on doing whatever he had in mind to do to me.

He lifted me and placed me on the floor, I struggled to let loose but a slap from him ceased all the shouts and wailing I intended to do, I watched him loosen his belt, bringing out his fully erected manh0d, raised my gown, pulled down my panties (He bought the panties himself for me, and had sternly warned me not to allow my Aunt know) then fiercely he had his way into me.

At first, I felt like a sword was tearing down a part of my inner self, the pain I felt that day pierced through my legs to my brains, I struggled with all my might to let go of him but I was no match for his strength as he pinned me heavily to the kitchen floor and thrusted into me so roughly and ceaselessly.

Minutes later he collapsed on top of me, inhaling and exhaling deeply into my hearing, then he stood up, adjusted his trouser and went back to his office.

For some minutes I laid helplessly on the floor, still grasping for breath, I tried to cry but it seemed like my tear gland have exhausted of it’s liquid, I tried to scream but I lost my voice, I opened my mouth but no word was forth coming.

I laid down weak and unable to move my legs, I touched my thigh, I noticed some lump of thickness, it was my blood.

Uncle Dan had initiated me to womanhood two days to my tenth birthday.

The next day, I experienced my first ever monthly flow.
The escapade with Uncle Dan Continued under his roof without the knowledge of my Aunty, he would always threaten to do away with me if I try letting another ear hear of this and he’d withdraw his financial support from my mother in Ibadan, not forgetting to taut me of being a child gotten outside wedlock and how I might end up being a single mother too.

With time I got used to his penetration, I no longer cried after each act, I no longer limp while walking and I no longer felt pain under my thigh, my body later got used to his thrust.

At every slight Opportunity he’d want to get me laid as long as my aunty wasn’t watching, even while I was sick and left at home, he’d come back from office during the mid day, have his way with me and go back, I was no longer complaining nor resisting him, he’d get me new clothes and gifts afterwards.
“Onyinyechi Ara gi na ebu si kwa ibu nne, ogini kpatara ya? Onyinyechi your breasts are getting bigger than your age what’s wrong?

How could I tell Aunty uju that it was her husband’s hand that were giving me a rapid growth in my body?

How could I tell her that his mouth was what forced out the breasts too?
“Onyinyechi nwa a I’bu a wit.c.h!! You’re a wi.tch” she didn’t let me explain myself before she turned out the whole hot pot of stew on me.

Aunty uju started noticing suspicious activity in her house after some time and she started accusing me of being a witch trying to destroy her marriage.

The first day she saw an abortion pill in my Bible she had dea.lt heavily with me, she could have ki.ll.ed me if not for the solid intervention of her husband.

“So nwa a you’ve grown wings to start using abortive pills in my house?” her husband had slapped me, tears dropped down from my eyes as I held my cheek massaging the pain I received from the man that had given me that pill after I told him my period delayed coming out, but had not to retaliate to save his marriage hence played to his script.

I was already 15 and have been enrolled in a secondary School as an Ss1 student, they were sponsoring my education.

That same night, he Tiptoed to my room upstairs, and was pleaded with me to forgive him, “I’ma na achorom ka nwunye m choputa Ife anyi na eme, You know I don’t want my wife to notice what we doing?” he was remorseful and I went ahead to open my legs for him.
Honestly I felt I could just end my life because I was already tired of it, uncle Dan has damaged me emotionally, psychologically, mentally and sexually and the only crime I committed was staying under his roof since him and his family catered for me and my poor mother and he took responsibility of my education too.
Five years later, I am writing you this story after attending the funeral of uncle Dan in his hometown Abakpa on Friday last week, looking at him as he laid in the casket, reminiscing how he ruined my life hence I had to poison his drink after I gained admission into UNN as a revenge for taking advantage of my tender self years ago.

Well, I wish I could console his mourning wife, my aged mother her sister could have done that but well..

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