I Feel Good Being Nigeria’s Birthday Mate –Bright Chimezie

Veteran singer, Bright Chimezie, who was born on October 1, 1960, the same day Nigeria gained independence from the United Kingdom has said that at 61, he is still very energetic.
He told Saturday Beats, “I feel good that I turned 61 yesterday. Thankfully, I am strong, energetic and my career is still blossoming. I am very grateful for my family.

I have a song that says that in life, there are sweet days and also ‘unsweet’ days. I can’t detail the past 60 years of my life but I can say I am strong, bubbly and I have a peaceful life. I still dance and bounce when performing and the secret is that I have never done anything else outside Zigima Sound, which is my signature.

I also try to fine-tune my brand consistently. The energetic vibe that people see on stage is natural.
“I tell some of the young singers coming up that they need to learn some ‘leg work’ moves from me. Most of them have copied me but I forgive them because they are my children. I need to tutor them about the art of ‘zigimatic leg work’ which comes naturally to me. Most of the trendy dance steps that young artistes do now have been in existence a long time ago. For example, King Sunny Ade was and is still a fantastic dancer.

I am also a fantastic dancer. The advent of technology has made people think that young artistes created those dance steps but we did and we should be duly respected for that.”
Chimezie also revealed how he had been able to manage his home as an entertainer. He said, “It has been God all the way. Without being immodest, discipline has also played a major role.

I was mature enough before I decided to get married. Women need a lot of attention, so I give my wife a lot of that. My late father was a cleric and I saw the way he treated my mother, so I copied a lot from him. If my father could keep his home, why can’t I do that? I married my wife when she was young and I have watched her grow.

If a doctor can have a successful home, why can’t a singer have that too?
“I respect womanhood a lot but that does not mean I should want to have my way with all of them. Women respect disciplined men. The world does not revolve around sex. One can have a lot of female admirers without pulling down one’s zip. A marriage that looks good outwardly is a product of hard work.”

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